Do you like having your picture taken?




Do you feel ‘fat’?

Do you see ‘imperfections’?

Do you feel uncomfortable with how you look?


What about if you were (semi) naked in that picture? (scary thought?)


Here’s the situation and why we should ALL be taking (semi) naked pictures of ourselves (bear with me, lol)


There’s NOTHING more motivating than seeing/feeling results – I think we can all agree on that one.


And there’s not much better ways of ACCURATELY assessing physical results than a good old picture.


Pictures do NOT lie! (unfortunately as I’m sure at some point we’ve all sussed out).


So….here’s a little motivational tip and how to look good naked.


1. Take a picture of yourself TODAY.


Selfie style in the mirror or get someone else to take it.


Front, sides and preferably semi naked (in your underwear / swimwear) to record accurately.


These pictures do not need to be seen by ANYONE else, they are for your records and your journey to success.


2. Take a picture every Thursday (or bi-weekly at the same time) to record your progress.


This may sound simple but I guarantee…


If you KNOW you need to take a semi-naked picture every week and that your body will directly show the EVIDENCE of the choices YOU have made…


You’re going to start making BETTER choices!




Let’s face it….we ALL want to look good naked but more importantly FEEL good naked.


This may sound like a scary thing to do but imagine this…


*You’ve taken the 1st step and you have your 1st picture.


*You take one 2 weeks later – OMG look you can start to see a difference (cue instant motivation).


*You take another one 2 weeks later – Bring on that clothes shop cause you’re needing smaller clothes (cue MORE motivation).


IMAGINE your motivation level, what story those pictures will tell and where YOU could be by the New Year? (12 weeks = 6 Pics).


I want YOU to feel healthier.


I want YOU to be more confident and feel happier in your body.


I want YOU to succeed.


But the most important part is…


How much do YOU want it?


It’s Operation October folks – Let’s get OPERATING!!!


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And if THAT wasn’t enough and you need MORE ideas to get that motivation ball rolling then don’t forget about the 500 Rep Challenge.


Check it out:

Lee ‘not known to be camera shy’ Donald x



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