THIS time next week it’ll be the 1st of October – Pretty scary huh?


ALMOST as scary as the fact shops are now stocking Christmas stuff!!


So where are YOU?
Are you winning?


If you’re not SMASHING your goals, feeling STRONGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER in yourself…


Don’t worry – as long as you’re still breathing we can turn that around.


And here’s a GREAT place to start!!


Let me introduce the 500 REP CHALLENGE.


1. Pick any 10 exercises.

2. Do 50 reps of each exercise.

3. Record you time.

4. Challenge this time on another training day.


You have don’t have a time limit so even though you may not be able to do 50 press ups all in a row…it doesn’t matter.


You can make the exercises as EASY or as DIFFICULT as you want but hey, if you want MAXIMUM results you know you’ve gotta step outside your comfort zone.


Use just your bodyweight or throw in a dumbbell, kettlebell, skipping rope, medicine ball, stability ball, step, etc to SPICE things up.


Here’s a bodyweight example:


1. Burpees

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Press Ups

4. High Knees

5. Squats

6. Running Man

7. Side Lunges

8. Mountain Climbers

9. Russian Twist

10. Sprint on Spot


**If you’re not sure what these exercises are Youtube them**


This is a WICKED way to challenge yourself, get your body into SERIOUS fat-burning mode as well feel pretty AWESOME when you see/feel your progress.


Fancy an EXTRA challenge? (just for fun)


Check out these 2 exercises:


Elbow – Plank


Press Up Kicks

Whether it’s either of these challenges or your 500 Rep Challenge…


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Let me know how it goes and what exercises you choose.
I love LOVE hearing from you!!


Lee ‘confessing I already bought a Christmas calender for my cat’ Donald x



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