‘A pile of sh*teeeeeee’


THIS is a comment that someone left on one of my Facebook videos.


Oh AND just for good measure there was a poo emoji, lol.


Now, I’m not going to name names but for today’s blog the owner of this comment is going to be called Mrs.Doubtfire.


Mrs. Doubtfire actually ‘liked’ the video yet left this strange comment.


Here’s the video:


Putting my Detective hat on I’m assuming Mrs.Doubtfire was doubting what I was saying was ‘real’.


​Losing a dress size in 6 weeks – surely that’s NOT possible???


But I LOVE doubters and here’s why…..they get proved WRONG!


I may be speaking about a ‘dress size’ in my video but that’s simply an example of what can be achieved, MEN this is for you too.


So listen up Mrs Doubtfire (if you’re reading this) and anyone else who’s struggling to lose weight or with their diet right now.


Losing weight does NOT have to be complicated OR unnecessarily hard.


Eat LESS calories than you burn.
– you WILL lose weight.


Eat unprocessed, natural, nutrient dense foods.
– you WILL improve your health & energy.


Eat a tasty, variety of meals/snacks.
– you WILL enjoy it & be able to MAINTAIN your diet for the rest of your LIFE!!


And the guys I’ve teamed up with to help create these Nutrition Plans I’m speaking about are BTN qualified nutritionist.


Ehhhh so?? – what does that mean Lee?


That means YOU will have some of the BEST in the business do ALL the hardwork for you in creating your very own personalized Nutrition plan.


Here’s how:


So while Mrs. Doubtfire goes around in circles, hopping from one latest fad or crash diet to the next, DESTROYING her metabolism, constantly STRESSING about her weight/food, experiencing some CRAZY mood swings and never TRULY feeling happy or content…


All those who DO listen, DO want results and DO choose a taylor-made Nutrition Plan will NEVER look back.


Not got to ‘know’ me yet?
Not sure if you can trust me?


Then let me explain something…


I don’t do BS.
I don’t promote ANYTHING I wouldn’t take or do myself.


I’ve been approached by LOADS of companies to sell their products.


For legal reasons I can’t say who but…


If I’d agreed to selling their products I’d probably be having my PA right this from my yacht in Cannes while teaching Brad Pitt how to plank!!


From all their CLEVER marketing and FALSE, unrealistic claims, selling would be a piece of cake and I’d be super rich.


So WHY am I not planking with Brad?


Because I do NOT believe in their products!!


I work with REAL people who get REAL results from eating REAL food.

(and sadly not Brad Pitt…Yet!)


So if you want to be like Mrs. Doubtfire, the link below is not for you.




If you want to know what it feels like to finally take POSITIVE control of your diet, your body, your health & happiness.


It starts here:


Lee ‘keeping it real’ Donald x



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