So today is ‘Eat a Hoagie Day’ apparently.

(I believe a hoagie is subway type of sandwich stuffed with your fave fillings).


This Wednesday is ‘Play Doh Day’ and Saturday is ‘Butter Scotch Pudding Day’ which is kinda crazy, huh.


Whilst these are all very important days that are recognized and celebrated (if you know they exist, lol), the EFFECT of that single day doesn’t seem to help the world be a better place.


For example last Wednesday was ‘National Fitness Day’.


So sure,

For ONE day there was a fair amount of hype, posts and hashtags galore.


I even run a National Fitness Day ‘Fitness Selfie competition’ with my
BodyMaxers (fitness class).


But guess what?


It’s now Monday and the excitement and motivation has DISAPPEARED as quickly as it landed.


REAL change and REAL results come from CONSISTENCY!!


Habits we build on a DAILY and WEEKLY basis.


And rule #1 – NEVER skip a Monday workout.


Which is why EVERY Monday we get down to a 30min FULL-body, FAT-burning, FITNESS fueling workout called BodyMax Blast.


If you need help creating POSITIVE, new and HEALTHY habits then joining The BodyMax Network is a GREAT place to start!


EVERY Wednesday we MAX.
EVERY Friday we BURN.


Check it out:


Not sure?


Meet Janice who’s AMAZING physical results you can see from the picture above although this doesn’t even touch on all her mental progress and other positive benefits you CAN’T see.


But hey, whether you join in the BLAST action or not…


Have you planned a workout today?


TODAY is a day to be SEIZED and opportunities GRABBED because if not…someone else will.


Make that someone YOU!!


Oh and here’s a little tip about one of MY positive habits.


I consume a few of these on a DAILY basis.


Whether you find it great or gross, check it out:

Lee ‘switching hoagies for motivation’ Donald x



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