I hope you’re having and good week, eating well and making time for your workouts, goals and fitness.


Speaking of fitness, here’s 3 important questions for you:


How FLEXIBLE / MOBILE are you?

Do you struggle with BALANCE?

Do you find CO-ORDINATION challenging?


If you answered ‘not very’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes’…..you’re NOT alone!


Soooo many people focus on losing weight, toning up, building lean muscle tissue and improving their strength/cardio, they ‘forget’ about these 3 aspects of fitness.


Guess what? – They need trained too.


Here’s 10 top reasons why you should include these in your training:


1. Better posture.


2. Less frustration.


3. Better performance.


4. Improved circulation.


5. More range of movement.


6. Improved hip and core stabilization.


7. Reduced risk of injury and lower back pain.


8. Increased muscles recruitment = better results!


9. More confidence (especially in a gym / fitness class).


10. Better communication between your brain and muscles.


Putting the focus on FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY today – I’ve got a couple of challenges for you.


Each video’s less than 2 mins as are the challenges so give them a go.


65% of people can’t do it (ok so that’s not a FACT but a pretty good guess based on the people I’ve seen)


Can YOU?






Standing tall, legs straight, bend your hips, reach your fingers tips to the ground and try touch your toes.


If you managed to successfully complete all 3 challenges – FANTASTIC you’re flexibility/mobility has a good foundation.


If you struggled – that’s a BIG indication you should add more stretches and mobility exercise to your training.


Here’s 4 solutions:


1. Repeat Challenge 1 & 2 on a DAILY basis (2/3 sets of 10 each side).


2. Make sure you stretch (static) after EVERY workout.


3. Add some dynamic (using momentum) stretching BEFORE your workout.


4. Check out some yoga / pilates classes.


And hey, try throwing £1 – £2 in a jar every time you workout.


At the end of the month reward yourself with a full body massage to loosen off those tight muscles – your body will thank you for it.


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I’d love to hear how you got on with the challenges (and if my 65% statistic is still a good estimation, lol).

Lee ‘loves a good stretch’ Donald x



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