On average, us Brits consume over 200 teaspoons of sugar per WEEK!


That’s a SERIOUSLY tragic sugar addiction!


Yet we wonder why our waistbands are EXPANDING and why our kids are running around like they’re on DRUGS these day – in a way they are.


SUGAR is more addictive that COCAINE – Truthbomb!!

Oooo sugar, sugar, SUGAR – it’s a hot topic at the moment.


But rather than just telling you ‘it’s bad’ here’s a little breakdown:


*When you eat sugar, a surge of a FAT-STORING hormone called INSULIN is released into your digestive tract.


*Insulin grabs hold of this sugar and stores it as energy and then the excess is stuffed into your fat cells in all of those lovely places like your BELLY!


*Your blood sugar levels then drop causing MORE HUNGER and CRAVINGS.


*Then guess what, the vicious cycle starts again.


*When INSULIN is present, the hormone glucagon – which is responsible for burning bodyfat is ‘SWITCHED OFF’.


*HIGH insulin levels therefore will make it impossible for you to release belly fat!


Alcohol, fizzy juice, fruit juice, Starbucks, energy drinks, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, condiments, jams, bakery, dried fruit, fast food, fruit in canned syrup, cereals, ice cream, milkshakes, ready-made meals, yoghurts….


There’s sugar sneakily hidden in SOOOO much food people consume on a DAILY basis!!


So should you NEVER eat any of this stuff again??


That may not be very realistic but here’s 6 simple tips to cut DOWN your sugar intake and speed UP your fatloss:


1. Limit fruit to 2-3 pieces a day.


Although natural, fruit still has sugar.

Obviously, if you crave something sweet having an extra piece of fruit is a lot better than munching on a Mars Bar.


2. Be wary of ‘low fat’ labels.


Low fat usually = chemical sh*t storm and a HIGHER added sugar content to make up for lost flavor and texture.


3. Avoid energy drinks, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, sweetened waters & cordial (limit alcohol!)


Don’t DRINK your calories.


Tip – dilute fruit juice with water to cut down the sugar content.


4. Avoid processed, package prepared foods & fast foods.


Eat NATURAL, whole foods, loading up on unlimited veggies.


5. Limit condiments.


If you NEED ketchup with your eggs (which I do) use it sparingly!


6. If you can’t resist something sweet, have a 10 min HIT workout first.


It may KILL your craving plus your body will be able to make better use of the sugar post workout.




For just 1 day look at the sugar content as well as ingredients of EVERYTHING you eat and drink (paying attention to any artificial sweeteners).


Even better – LOG IT (you may get a shock!)


More than 22.5g of total sugars per 100g = HIGH

5g of total sugars or less per 100g = LOW.

If the amount of sugars per 100g is between these figures, that = MEDIUM.


More than 30g of added sugar per day = TOO MUCH!!


Try this for 7 days including the w/e (especially the w/e!) and you’ll know exactly HOW much sugar you’re consuming on a daily/weekly basis.


Still not able to shift that jelly belly? – You may just find out why!!


If you struggle with what to eat and need HELP to shift that excess weight…


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