‘What would Bear Grylls do?’


THIS was my thought as I dived into the freezing cold water of Knockburn Lake, chest compressed, struggling to fill my lungs with air and ready to pull myself to the other side with an underwater rope.


Yup, it was pretty ‘Beastly’.


The Beast of Banchory is a 10km uphill, downhill, muddy, heather hopping run with 25 obstacles to help raise money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland which took place a couple of w/e’s ago.


Even as a ‘seasoned’ Tough Mudder, The Beast of Banchory is no walk in the park and definitely lives up to its name.




To get a DECENT time (you’re provided with timing chips for your ankle) and have FUN along the way.


Now I didn’t actually decide about the ‘time goal’ until about 5 mins before the race began BUT…


It definitely made me PUSH myself even when my lungs, legs, abs and arms were all burning.




Even after faffing with my clothing (had to do a mid run strip, as you do) and stopping for some cheeky pics (see above) I ‘tamed the Beast’ in 1 hr 16 mins.


Decent time, fun had BOOOM – Goal Achieved!!


So what has my Beast encounter got to with YOU?




If you received and read last Monday’s email, you’ll know that TODAY marks the beginning of ‘OPERATION OCTOBER’ and 2 exclusive offers are NOW up for grabs.


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Whether you choose to take advantage of these 2 amazing offers or not I just REALLY just want you to succeed.


The aim of OPERATION OCTOBER is all about getting YOU closer your goals.


When you have goals it gives you something AIM for, MOTIVATION, INTENTION and thee most AWESOME feeling when you hit them.


At the end of August I asked you…
What have you achieved this month?


We’re now at the beginning of October so here goes again…
What did YOU achieve in September?


Have a think about your answers and be HONEST.


Nobody else cares if you lose weight, fit into your fave pair of jeans, look amazing in your new festive outfit, have MORE energy, confidence, feel healthier, in control and generally a whole lot HAPPIER with your life.


But what’s it worth to YOU???!


Let’s get you there…


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Let’s make October a month you’re PROUD of!!

Lee ‘the beast tamer’ Donald x



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