I hope you had a great w/e.


After 2 weeks off, it…feels…AWESOME to be back in the office.


Despite being a little ‘broken’! lol.


From a road trip, bagpipers, freezing water, barbed wire, flipping tyres, climbing ropes, pulling cars, cargo nets, ditches to jumping into an ice cold quarry at an event called MacTuff.


Aaaand hopefully smashing my 1st major goal of the year – qualifying for the OCR World Championships in London this October!! (official results not in yet)


It was EPIC but with all that over.


BOOOM – hellooo reality.


2nd week of January, kids back to school, many back to work and no more excuses.


Christmas has GONE.


New Year….GONE.


With 2019 firmly under our feet and still feeling the consequences of our poor food/drink choices – cue PANIC!!


So what do you do:


Go on the latest fad diet?


Say you’ll never drink alcohol or eat chocolate again?


Tell yourself your going to workout EVERY day?


Yes change is good but too much change at once is literally setting yourself up to FAIL.


Here’s a handful of tips to help you make 2019 a success while keeping it SIMPLE.


Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Start small.


Small changes = BIG results.


1. Get Your Butt Moving.


Whether it’s a workout, walk or run – just move.


Aiming for around 10k steps is a great goal.


Working out 3x per week is also a good idea.


But if you currently take around 3k step and don’t workout – just try to increase a little day by day.


2. Drink 2 Litres of Water Daily (Minimum)


Essential for more energy, less cravings, better skin and basically every function of your body.


Hydrating sufficiently after all those Proseccos and Gin’s will instantly make you feel better.


3. Cut Down The Excess Crap (sugary food + alcohol).


Give your immune system, energy, waistline and liver a chance to recover and get back on an even keel.


You don’t need to eliminate it – moderation is key.


4. Pump in The Veg & Protein.


Give your body all those vitamins, minerals and ‘good stuff’ you’ve been depriving it of and keep fuller for longer while fighting those cravings.


5. Come along with a friend and enjoy any of my award winning fitness classes this January for FREE!


If you’d like to lose weight, tone up, get fit, have fun and not have to join a gym – you’ll love my classes.

Here’s a short video with a little more info.



Simply tap the link below to head over to my Facebook page.




You’ll see this video and everything you need to jump start January, fight that festive flab and feel fabulous.


Lee ‘making success simple’ Donald x



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