‘7 Months into The MAX Experience and so far I’ve lost 38.5 pounds.


Reduced my dress size by 2 sizes.


I’m fitter, happier and more confident than I’ve been for some time.


It’s great fun going through my wardrobe trying on all sorts of goodies which have been hanging in there for far too long and never been worn.’


This is some of the amazing progress Sandra-Dee has been enjoying since starting her journey with The MAX Experience.


Lots of people make fatloss complicated and extreme but in The MAX Experience I show you how to keep it super simple.


How to eat the FOOD you enjoy.


How to still have ALCOHOL in your life.


How to make exercise quick, FUN and not a chore.


How to make small changes on a daily basis you can sustain for the rest of your LIFE.


SICK of dieting?


FED UP of not getting the results you want?


Driving yourself CRAZY going around in circles?


Then you’ll LOVE The MAX Experience.


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Lee ‘loves to keep things simple’ Donald x



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