1. Slimmer.


2. More toned.


3. More energy.


4. More confidence.


5. More balanced lifestyle.


Sounds pretty good, huh?


To be honest, that’s a ‘tick list’ of what pretty much EVERY woman (not all) wants who contacts me.


The great news is, it’s totally achievable.


The even GREATER news is.


I can help you start making that happen TODAY.


You don’t need a gym.


You don’t need much time.


And you don’t need more than a tenner!


All you need is to grab my VIP Special Offer to jump onboard The MAX Experience and I’ll help you take care of the rest : )


‘Ooo VIP – Yes please Lee!’


No problem, just click on the link below:



But don’t just take my word for it.


Here’s what some of my MAX Members are saying:


‘Since starting, I’ve lost a total of 13 inches off wobbly bits all over.’


‘I’m wearing clothes out of my wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day in a long while. I also don’t get out of breath as much as I used to walking the dog up hill.’


‘I am MUCH more positive and actually enjoy working out now that my fitness level has increased. Also down half a stone with inches lost all over!’


‘I’ve gone down a dress size and can look in the mirror, actually see the changes and can’t believe the change in my figure. And the best part is that I enjoy it too!’


If you’d like to experience amazing results like this.


Just hit the sign up button and we can get you started.


You can sign up to The MAX Experience at any time but if you want that to be a VIP and get 50% off.


You’ve only got till Friday (2days!) or until SOLD OUT.


If you’re not quite decided, here’s a little more of what you can expect:




VIP places are going fast!


Once they all go you’ll have to wait till Christmas (yes I said the C word) before you get an offer like this again.


Lee ‘producing stronger, happier women since 2011’ Donald x



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