3 days in and only 4 days left!


If you’d like to relax, knowing you have a plan in place for January to help you bounce back better than EVER in 2018.


All without stepping foot in a gym.


The MAX Experience is the perfect ‘fit’ for you.


Pre-Register before it closes this Sunday @ 10pm and here’s what you’ll get:


1. Guaranteed place and a stress-free start to January.


2. 50% off your first month (no contract – cancel any time).


3. VIP access and whole week earlier than everybody else.


OK Lee, I’m interested but tell me more.


What is The MAX Experience?


How do I Pre-Register?


Click here:


If you’re still not sure…


Meet MAX Member Sarah



‘The other day I ordered a dress to wear during the festivities in hope it would fit me in a week or so.


It came today, held it up against me and thought, no way will that fit round my waist just now.


Tried it on and would you believe it does fit!


So chuft – Not long until I’m back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes.


One happy Lady tonight!’ – Sarah.


If you’d like to join Sarah, me and the rest of the team to achieve some fantastic results too.


We’d love to welcome you onboard.


Hit the Pre-Register link below and we’ll get the ball rolling:




If you’re thinking about it, make sure you take ACTION soon.


Pre-Registration closes in 4 days.


Spaces are limited and going FAST!


Lee ‘producing happier women’ Donald x



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