I hope you had a great w/e.


Are you feeling festive yet?


I know LOTS of people have been busy putting up their festive decorations which is always fun.




18 more sleeps and BOOM it’s Turkey time…


So how’s your damage limitation going?


Are you setting yourself up for a GUILT FREE Christmas?


With temptation all around, it’s so EASY to see your waistline get BIGGER, wobbly bits get WOBBLIER, energy go DOWN and confidence PLUMMET.


And hey, I want to help you feel HOT this holiday season (would be rude not to) so lets get a plan of ACTION in place.


I’m not saying don’t get in the festive spirit but I AM saying you need to put some BOUNDARIES in place so you don’t UNDO all the hard work you’ve been putting in.


Here’s Your 3 Step Plan:


1. Put in the hard work NOW.


2. Enjoy your guilt free Christmas knowing that you finished 2015 the BEST way possible.


3. Get ready to go full throttle and make 2016 the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST year of your life!!


Here’s HOW to make that happen:


1. If you’ve NOT tried my FREE 10min festive flab fighting workout yet – WHAT are you waiting for?


If you HAVE, do it DAILY (or as often as you can) it’s only 10mins!


Grab it here:


2. If you’re female and live in Aberdeen (sorry fella’s) come check out The BodyMax Network.




Three of the most unique, exclusive and BEST fitness classes you’ll experience.


3. Get excited for The MAX Experience (my awesome new project) launching VERY SOON.


Here’s another little clue – the LAUNCH DATE will be revealed next Thursday!!


This is going to be MASSIVE game changer for sooo many people who want to get in shape and I can’t WAIT to tell you EVERYTHING.


4. CONNECT with me on social media.


I regularly post ‘Tips of The Day’ and fitness challenges to keep you motivated and on track.


Did you see these?


Snacking for Fatloss


Burpee Challenge


Those are some of the ways I can help you BUT there’s lots of ways YOU can help yourself.


Every decision YOU make will be reflected on your body, health and mindset so try to make the BEST choices you can : )


Lee ‘dreaming of mince pies’ Donald x



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