Haaaappy Monday!!


I hope you had a great w/e and more importantly you’re READY for what’s about to come.


First day back in the office and let me just say it’s gooooood be back.


My week on the slopes of Austria was AWESOME as you can tell from the videos, pics on my social media, if we’re not connected – lets do that.


And hey, let’s get EXCITED too!!


‘Cause TODAY is the day The ‘Make it Happen March’ Challenge 2016 kicks off’!


Time to put your game face on an show March who’s boss.


Kiss goodbye to feeling overweight, sluggish, bloated and de-motivated and say HELLOOO to a sexier, stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, more confident YOU.


You DON’T want to miss it!!


Here’s how it works:


Here’s the video:


And here’s my ‘Top 5 Motivational Tips’ how to make sure you GET IT DONE!


1. Decide WHICH days you’re going to workout on.

Plan, Plan Plan = SUCCESS.


2. Write those dates DOWN in your diary, phone.

If it’s written down you’re MUCH more likely to do it.


3. On those days make sure your workout wear is ‘GOOD TO GO’.

We LOVE excuses and nothing like unwashed clothes or missing trainers to kickstart them.


4. Make a BANGING playlist.

Music is a HUGE motivator so put on your fave tunes and get down to it.


5. Grab a BUDDY (or get the whole office in on it)

One of the BEST ways to stay motivated!


Do the challenge together, even if you don’t workout together, hold each other ACCOUNTABLE.


Perhaps make forfeits if you skip a workout – use each other.


There’s absolutely no reason why YOU can’t feel like a lean, mean, toned, sexy machine by the end of ‘Make it Happen’ March.


You DESERVE a piece of that happy pie but at the end of the day I guess it all comes down to ONE thing….


How much do you WANT it?

Lee ‘willing you to succeed’ Donald x



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