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Have you started the ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge yet?
How’s it going?


If you don’t know what this is then QUICK….


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It’s all about getting AWESOME results this March, keeping MOTIVATED and changing how your body LOOKS and FEELS.


Something that you’ll be able to physically record and ASSESS at the end of the month.


However, you’ll notice in ‘The Rules’ there’s NOTHING about stepping on the scales, here why.


How many times have you stood on the scales and been diappointed, upset or ANGRY?


Whether your male or female I’m pretty sure everyone’s done this at some point.


So should we use the scales and our weight to determine our PROGRESS and HAPPINESS?


Absolutely NOT!! – See picture.


Scales are one of the LEAST accurate ways of assessing your progress and MOST common ways to kill motivation.




In a nutshell…


(bone density, water retention and that fact women’s weight in particular fluctuates monthly aside).


To LOSE bodyfat, you want to INCREASE your lean muscle tissue.


More Muscle = Higher Metabolism.


Higher Metabolism = More Calories Burned = Better Fatloss Results.


But here’s the thing…


Muscle weighs MORE than fat.


So you DROP bodyfat and GAIN muscle.


Will you weigh more? – Quite Possibly.




Will you look more toned? – Yes

Will your body change shape? – Yes

Will you be fitter and stronger? – Yes

Will you feel sexier and more confident? – Hells Yeah


So would you trade feeling sexier, fitter, stronger, more confident and HAPPIER just be ‘lighter’ on the scales?


If your answer wasn’t ‘NO WAY!’ then sadly I’m not the person to help you.


You’re doing your workouts, eating healthy, drinking 2 litres of water a day, making SMALL positive changes on a DAILY basis and you KNOW you’re going to get results.


What are the BEST and most ACCURATE ways to assess your awesomeness?


Here’s my TOP 3:




Simple, quick, cheap and a picture never lies.


Wear the SAME thing in each picture (underwear / swimwear).


Take a picture from the front, side and back (if possible) and make sure you take them at the SAME time on the SAME day of each week / month.


You don’t have to show them to anyone but you may just find you want to when you start seeing the POSITIVE changes happening to your body.




Another QUICK and EASY way to record your progress.


Waist, hips, thigh & upper arm (biggest part).


As per your pictures, make sure you take your measurements at the SAME time on the SAME day of each week / month.


Take care to make sure you place the tape around the SAME area each time and write your measurements down.




We ALL know when our clothes get a little tighter….usually around Christmas time, lol.


Just as we all know when they feel a little looser….usually around Summer time.


So this is something you probably do regularly anyway and yes if we wear something more often it can stretch but when you wash it, it gets smaller again and YOU know your clothes.


Moral of The Story?


Unless you’re a fitness model going on stage, boxer, MMA figther or professional athlete of any kind who NEEDS to be a specific weight for their sport…


Bust out your camera / tape measure and DITCH the scales!!


If you know anyone who’s been sucked into crazy diets who tend to weigh themselves obsessively.




Anyone who goes to Weight Watchers having weekly weigh-ins.




Just found this blog useful…


Please share this with them and let’s help EDUCATE as many people as possible.


Scales should NOT have the power to make people miserable or determine whether they have a ‘good’ day or a ‘bad’ day!


Time to take that power BACK : )


Lee ‘couldnt tell you the last time I weighed myself’ Donald x



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