Just incase you couldn’t tell by the picture…


Yup a certain somebody is officially 34 today.


How do they about THAT then??


Pretty dam good actually, thanks for asking : )




Because some people DREAD their Birthdays and the idea of getting older fills them with PANIC particularly once they join Club 30, 40, 50….


But to be honest, I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, fitter or happier ONLY because I got off my backside and MADE it that way!


Believe me, I didn’t come out the womb Mrs Motivator.


I’ve gone and still go through the exact SAME struggles many of YOU do but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get where I want to be.


Soooo many people like the ‘THOUGHT’ of making changes and transforming their lives BUT….


Are they prepared to put in the work to get there?!


Are YOU?


I’m sitting here writing this blog ON my birthday simply because,


I really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY just want you to succeed.


I took the time to create a workout, film it, edit it, upload it and set you a challenge this month called The ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge for FREE.




Because I want you to SUCCEED.


I’m here to help and support you to positively CHANGE your life, to FEEL better, LOOK better and get the RESULTS you want.


I’m 100% committed to your success…


Are YOU?


If I sound MORE excited for you to make positive changes to your life than YOU do.


If I’m putting in MORE of an effort to motivate you than YOU are.


Here’s a little tip…


Find YOUR why (example),


Why do you want rid of your ‘belly’?
– Because I don’t like how it looks.


– Because I want feel sexy again.


– Because I’m fed up not having confidence.


– Because it affects my mood, how I act, my relationships, my happiness and life.


You get my drift, it can be pretty POWERFUL and MOTIVATING stuff!


Once you find your WHY and some motivation…


Let’s get cracking : )


The ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge.


EVERYTHING you need to know is right here:



If you started and lost your mojo, don’t worry – it happens!


The BEST thing you can you can do it get back ON IT.

Time to grab life by the balls and MAKE it the best you can.


SOAK it up, BASK in it, LIVE it, OWN it!



Incase you didn’t realise just HOW awesome you already are,


Stay tuned for Monday’s blog cause I’ve got 10 super cool and amazing facts all about YOU.


Lee ‘excited for birthday cake’ Donald x



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