For every pound of fat or muscle gained, YOUR body creates seven miles of new blood vessels…


Pretty crazy, right?


YOU are amazing.


YOU are 100% unique.


YOU have the body of a machine (yes you) that’s capable of INCREDIBLE things.


Don’t believe me?


Check out these other 10 Super Cool Facts About YOU:


1. The surface area of a human lung is the equivalent to a TENNIS court.


2. Your body has enough IRON in it to make a nail 3 inches long.


3. Babies are pound for pound, STRONGER than an Ox.


4. Your NOSE can remember 50,000 different smells
(I’m sure some we’d rather forget, lol).


5. The strongest muscle you own is your TONGUE.


6. Your LIVER has over 500 different functions.


7. It takes 17 muscles to smile, 43 to frown.


8. It is NOT possible to tickle yourself.


9. Bone is STRONGER than some steel.


10. Every tongue print is UNIQUE.


I don’t know about you but I think those are pretty AWESOME facts and just the tip of the iceberg.


Here’s 40 MORE!!


So why do soooo many people ABUSE their body?


Smoking, drugs, drinking to excess, feeding it crap, fueling it with negative thoughts…


Attaching it to a sofa making it IMPOSSIBLE to use it to it’s FULL potential.


Are YOU one of those people?


Here’s a simple way to get your body, health and fitness BACK ON TRACK.


To feel stronger, sexier and INJECT some positivity!!


Check it out:


It’s FREE, you can do it at home, only takes 10 mins and you can get started straight away.


Whether you’re just getting started or began at the beginning…


Don’t forget to pay particular attention to ‘The Rules’ especially numbers 3 & 5!!


People wait…


All WEEK for Friday.


All YEAR for Summer.


All LIFE for happiness.


Life’s too short to wish away, it’s Monday, it’s a new day, new week – LET’S GO!!


Tweet me, Facebook me, if we’re not connected let’s connect…


I’d LOVE to hear what your fave fact is : )


​Oh hands up if you tried Super Cool Fact No.8?? lol.

Lee ‘definitely did’ Donald x



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