Happy 1st week of Spring…


Lighter mornings, longer days, lusher weather – YES please!


Aaaand happy week 4 of The ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge…


How’s it been going?

Do your weights feel LIGHTER yet?

How do you feel NOW compared to Day 1?


If you’ve been committed to the challenge (10mins 3x per week) I’ve no doubt you’re feeling pretty friggin’ AWESOME already.


And next week will be your FINAL week to really push and see just HOW much you can MAKE happen this month.


Hey…..ALOT can happen in 2 weeks!!


If you’ve not started yet, it’s not too late but be QUICK.


Here’s your challenge and 5 simple ‘rules’:


Don’t forget Rule No.4!!


Want to see what can happen when you combine REGULAR exercise with Rule No. 4?


Meet Leighann



Leighann’s been training with me for just over 10 weeks now and also purchased a 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


These pics are 10 weeks apart.


At the beginning, Leighann struggled abit to PLAN and PREPARE so only half heartedly followed her Nutrition Plan.


Let’s face it, getting started is ALWAYS the hardest part!


NOW Leighann’s much more organised and am super PROUD for all the effort she’s been making.


From changing her eating habits, introducing more exercise on a regular basis, drinking more water to giving it 100% when we train.


You can see her hard work and CONSISTENCY is paying off!!


5.5cm off her waist and 3.5 cm off her hips are just some of the ‘perks’.


If you struggle and need help with what to eat click here:


No magic pills, no crazy diets, no quick fix, simply small changes on a DAILY basis.


Something EVERYONE is capable of.


Leighann also spent her birthday last week putting in an EXTRA training session with me – Go Girl!!


Building a stronger, fitter, healthier body and improving your happiness is one of the BEST gifts you can ever give yourself.




What are YOU going to do with last 2 weeks of ‘Make it Happen’ March?


If you want to See / Feel change – You have to CREATE it.


It’s the 1st official Monday in Spring, a fresh week and another chance to make yourself the HAPPIEST you can possibly be.


Let’s DOOO this : )


Lee ‘proud trainer’ Donald x



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