I hope you’re having a great week so far.


How’s your ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge going?


If you don’t know what this is – check it out:


And how’s your nutrition going?


1. Are you getting plenty of PROTEIN in?
(at least every meal)


2. Are you going crazy with the veg and EASY on the fruit?


3. Are you drinking at least 2 litres of WATER daily?


If not, these are small changes with BIG results – lets GO!!


Motivational nudge OVER…


Here’s what today’s blog is all about.


You may not be on social media, we may not be connected or maybe you just missed these.


Either way, I wanted to share with you my ‘Top 3 Tips of The Day’ to help you be just that little bit more AWESOME.


Each video is LESS than 2 mins!!




Do you sit down for lengthy periods? (eg desk job or couch potato)

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you walk alot or run?


Then you NEED to watch this!




I KNOW everybody loves a good ‘AB’ exercise so check this one out.


More importantly, if you have a WEAKER lower back or just struggle to keep your back pushed into the ground watch what I do at 28seconds.


You can use this tip for all other similar exercises






And last but not least these are AAAAMAZING!!




Ever struggle know where to put his stuff when your at the gym, running, cycling or just being active?


Check out THIS badboy.


You can pick these up on Amazon for about £20.


Best investment EVER!



I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you did…


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And before I go…


I also wanted to give you a little ‘heads up’ there’s going to be a big CHANGE coming up!!


I’m not going to say too much now but next week, you’ll know ALL about : )


Lee ‘here to help you be more awesome’ Donald x



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