Happy Easter Monday : )


Whether you’re at work or home today I hope you make the MOST of the sunny start we have to the week.


It’s also your LAST Monday of ‘Make it Happen’ March!!


The ‘Make it Happen’ March Challenge ENDS this Friday.


So stay tuned, whether you’ve been hitting it hard or missed jumping on board…


I’ll be getting in touch on Friday to let you know exactly what to do next : )


Anyway, onto TODAY’s subject….HONESTY!


I’m a firm believer in being HONEST so I’m going to be straight up with you.


As mentioned in my last blog there’s going to be a big CHANGE coming.


Usually I blog every Mon and every 2nd Thurs.


From motivation, workouts, tips to videos and other cool FREE stuff to help you kick ass and be the BEST you can be.


Every so often I throw in info about the NON-FREE stuff I have to offer you.




Because EVERY single service I offer gets RESULTS and it’s up to YOU to decide what help/support you need.


So here’s the deal…that’s not going to change.




If you want to be part of my EXCITING new project I launched this year called The MAX Experience you’re going to have to act FAST.


I’m ONLY going to be opening up the doors to The MAX Experience FOUR times a year (yes 4!) and I’m only allowing 20 people in EACH time!


So 4 times a year I’ll be doing a few EXTRA blogs to give you a ‘heads up’ about the doors opening.


If YOU are part of the fast acting 20 who grab this opportunity, you’ll not only have FULL Access to over 65 fat BLASTING, body SCULPTING, badass 10 min HIIT workouts from beginners to advanced.


You’ll also become part of a new and Exclusive Private Facebook Group to go with it to help support and MOTIVATE you.


Aaaaand I’ve a few cheeky BONUSES in store for everyone who joins.


Oh and did I mention I add NEW videos monthly!


The doors are opening SOON and I really don’t want you to miss the chance of walking through them so keep posted to Friday’s blog.


Lee ‘switching things up’ Donald x



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