It’s officially the END of The ‘Make it Happen March Challenge!!


If you made the choice to take on this challenge, I bet you’re feeling pretty PROUD and AWESOME right now…


And quite rightly so!!


EVERY day you’re given choices:


Some will take you CLOSER to where you want to be.

These people are number 1’s.


Some will give you the same results, from choosing to do the same thing getting you NOWHERE fast.


These people are number 2’s


Number 1’s:

Here are you next 3 steps.


1. Take your PROGRESS pics (front, back, side) same as before.


2. Take your MEASUREMENTS (waist, hips, thigh/arm – widest part) same as before.


3. TELL ME!!


How did you get on?


How are you FEELING and how do you LOOK now compared to the start?


Email, Tweet, Facebook me your pics, your measurements and ANY type of progress you’ve made.


I honestly would LOVE to hear how it all worked out for you : )

(even if you only did it a couple times a week)


Number 2’s:

If you STRUGGLED to get motivated, you haven’t made any progress recently and March just wasn’t YOUR month.


Get excited…


ACTION April just landed.


Taaa Daaaa.


You now have a whole FRESH start to jump on that success train and feel GOOD about yourself….Don’t waste it!


And I’m about to give you the BEST opportunity you may just get this month.


On Sunday (yes I don’t usually email you on a Sunday) I’ll be revealing exactly…


1. WHAT it’s all about.


2. WHY you’ll want to grab it with BOTH hands.


3. HOW you can take ACTION this April and lead the lifestyle you want with the body you want and happiness you DESERVE.


Lee ‘got action April covered’ Donald x



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