If you’re someone who…


1. Keeps PROMISING yourself you’re going to get in shape but it never seems to happen?


2. Gets motivated on a Sunday night ‘to get fit and healthy’ but LOSES it by Monday?


3. Wants to feel SEXY again but not a fan of the gym?


Then I have FANTASTIC news…


I’m about to offer you a GAME CHANGING opportunity you won’t get again until JULY!!


TOMORROW @ 8am I’ll be opening the doors to The MAX Experience.


On Friday (8th) those doors will close until JULY.


Unfortunately only 20 action takers will be able to walk through and grab this opportunity.


So WHAT it’s all about?


WHY do you not want to miss it?


HOW you can take ACTION this April to have the body, health, fitness, happiness and lifestyle you KEEP promising yourself?


Here Go’s…


I want to make losing weight, getting in shape, feeling happy in your body and feeling GOOD about yourself as EASY as possible…

Without stepping foot in a gym!


I not only want to help you get the MAXIMUM results possible but more importantly I want you to ENJOY your workouts.


If you ENJOY it, you’ll STICK at it and if you stick at it you’re going to get staggering LIFELONG results.


Cue creation of The MAX Experience.

Changing Lives.
No Gym – No Problem.


The MAX Experience is an exclusive ‘Members Only’ area.


Members have a variety of 10 minute HIIT workouts from bodyweight only, beginners to Kettlebells, MAX 20, 30, 40 and other categories to choose from.


These can be done at home, the gym, the garden or anywhere you like.


A lot of members like to hook their laptops or phones to their TV so they can watch it on ‘the big screen’.


These workouts don’t just give you SEXY abs, arms and legs, they’re strengthen your ENTIRE body…and hey let’s not forget BURN a serious amount of bodyfat.


‘But I don’t have any weights or equipment’


No problem.


There’s plenty of BODYWEIGHT workouts as well as weighted workouts you can actually do WITHOUT any equipment or alternatively you can use water bottles or any other suitable weight.


You can pick up Kettlebells and Dumbells, etc up for super cheap and to make it even EASIER I give you ‘Useful Kit Links’ which will take you DIRECTLY to the best buys.


‘But I’m a beginner’


Fantastic, hit up the MAX Beginners section and lets start building you a better body and improve your fitness TODAY.


‘How do I warm up & stretch?


Go to the Warm Up / Cool Down section and I’ll show you how.


‘Is 10mins a day really enough?’


There’s LOTS of evidence out there backed by science that high intensity workouts get RESULTS!


The SHORTER you work out for the HIGHER you crank that intensity.


‘I get bored easily’


Me too, which is why there’s an AWESOME selection of different types of workouts, exercises, equipment used, work:rest ratios with NEW content added MONTHLY.


There’s currently over 65 challenging, fun and wicked workouts with literally 1000’s of different combos you can try from resistance, cardio to abs.


‘Am I tied into a contract?’


NO contract – NO joining fee – NO hidden small print – NO fuss.


You can cancel your membership at ANY time.


How do I know if The MAX Experience for me?


1. Are you a BUSY parent or fitness professional who struggles to find time for ANYTHING?


2. Are you a stay at home parent who can’t leave the house?


3. Do you get intimidated by the gym and want to know HOW to workout and get MAXIMUM results in the comfort of your own home?


4. Do you get bored easily and like exciting new workouts to keep things FRESH?


5. Do you want to build a stronger, fitter, healthier body and actually ENJOY the process?


Then you’ll LOVE The MAX Experience!!


‘How can it change my life?’


I began doing ONE of these types of 10min workouts a day.


When you first go ‘all out’ with this type of training, trust me 10mins is enough.


Progressing and wanting to push harder, I’d make combos putting TWO different 10mins workouts together.


Yup…20mins at 100% effort – I was done.


Now as a fitness professional I like to push myself to the MAX therefore I now combine THREE 10min HIIT workouts together and you know what?? – anymore is simply NOT needed if you do it right.


Get your dream body, feel confident, sexy, fit, healthy and happy in just 10, 20 or 30mins a day…


How COOL is that?!


‘This sounds AMAZING how do I pay & how much?’


Hit the ‘SIGN UP’ button (found by clicking on the link I’ll give you tomorrow) and you’ll be taken through how to pay step by step.


Once you pay you’ll have INSTANT access to all workout videos.


Your exclusive MAX Experience membership is just £19.99 per month = 65p a day!!


Crazy right?!


I know this is worth WAY more than this but believe it or not, I just really want to help people.


‘What about food? I’m not sure what I should be eating’


Join The MAX Experience PLUS for instant access to all workout videos for the same price (65p a day) and you’ll also get a whopping


£15 OFF a Personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan!


Click here for more info on Nutrition Plans


If you’ve ever thought about a Nutrition Plan or simply struggle with what to eat this is a fantastic opportunity to take ACTION.


Health eating + regular exercise = BOOOM RESULTS!!


EVERYONE deserves to be healthy and happy and my goal for 2016 is to get as MANY people as possible on that happy train, ENJOYING their workouts and feeling GOOD about themselves.


And hey, don’t just take my word for it, here’s what MAX Member Karen has to say about it.





(Keep posted @ 8am)

Lee ‘excited to welcome ACTION takers’ Donald x



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