🔥 Lose X amount of fat in X days 🔥


With Summer officially only 5 days away, these kind of false claims are EVERYWHERE.


I can tell you not to believe these kind of crazy claims but instead, I wanted to explain WHY.


To arm you with knowledge and give you power so you never have to fall for any of those ‘quick fix’ gimmicks again.


So here goes.


➡️ 1lb of bodyfat = 3500cals (approx)


Create a calorie deficit of 500cals per day (consuming around 1500cals daily) for a week and it’s reasonable to lose 1lb of bodyfat.


It’s also realistic, achievable & sustainable.




To drop 10 lbs of bodyfat in a week you’d need to be in a calorie deficit of 35,000 calories.


So let’s say you consume those 1500cals a day for a week (10,500 cals) which is totally normal.


You would still have OVER eaten by 19,500 calories!!


Impossible, unrealistic and just plain bullsh*t.


If you hear Sheila lost 10lbs in a week at Weight Watchers or drinking tea & shakes.


Sheila just lost a sh*t load of water weight, unfortunately precious muscle and a small amount of bodyfat.


And don’t get me started on the new craze Gemma Collins & Kerry Katona are promoting…the ‘Skinny Jab’.



Yup an injection that will make you skinny.


But does it though??


Ehhh no and not to mention one of the ingredients is highly dangerous.


Cue disappointed, anger, a hole in your purse of £350 and possible other health issues.


If you’re someone like Sheila, Gemma or Kerry who look for quick fixes then please understand there just isn’t one.


However, the good news is:


Small positive changes on a daily basis is all it takes.


Realistic, achievable and sustainable for the rest of your life.


If you’re not quite sure where to start then it’s worth checking out The Team LDPT Facebook Group.


There’s live home workouts, live Q&A’s, tasty recipes, help with everything from nutrition, fitness, motivation and mindset, an amazing community of women plus loads more.


No crazy diet or exercise plan!!


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There’s nothing to lose and zero risk but just incase you’re unsure.


Check out what Team Members Jo & Fiona have to say about it.


Meet Jo:



There’s loads of helpful tips and advice from Lee and from the rest of the women in the group which is really supportive.


I like Hayley’s dance workout on a Friday as it’s fun and a bit different.


I really like the recipes too as lately all I want to do is eat rubbish so the healthy recipes are good motivation.


It’s only a fiver a week and you get workouts, peer support, advice and support from Lee and so much more every week.


Everyone is lovely and supportive, it’s good value for money and it keeps your physical and mental health going especially in these difficult times!


Meet Fiona:


It helps motivate me to keep active & reduce my stress levels.


It has a fab bunch of like minded ladies all willing to help & encourage everyone In the group.


Lee is just amazing, always willing to help and no question is ever a stupid question!!


I like the workouts the most as they motivate me to get up and get moving.


I also enjoy the team quizzes as its great banter which keeps me positive and something to look forward too.

Not only are you getting great workouts & recipes, your getting the feeling of being included and feel like your part of 1 big family!!


If you’re thinking of joining – do it, you wont regret it!!


** If you’re fed up quick fixes.


** Fed up of feeling the same.


** And ready to make a change.


Just tap the link below and I’ll help get you started.


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Lee ‘helping women take control back’ Donald x



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