Belly fat, jelly belly aka the pooch!


An area sooo many women struggle with and desperately want to get rid of especially with Summer now officially begun.


However, the biggest mistake they make is either going on a fad diet (most popular) or doing 100’s of crunches/ab work in the hope of achieving that flat, toned, sexy stomach.


You can have the most amazing 6 pack in the world.


But if it’s hidden under a layer of ab flab.


It’ll never be seen!


The key losing your jelly belly is to drop your OVERALL bodyfat percentage.


You may drop fat from your bum, boobs or bingo wings first.


Sorry that’s genetics and can’t be changed.




Follow these 8 top ‘secrets’ below and I guarantee you’ll shred that stubborn fat, find your abs and be rocking a sexy, Summer stomach in no time.


1. Be In A Calorie Deficit.


Theeee most important rule to weightloss/fatloss.


Carbs, fat, protein, sugar, ice cream – these do NOT create jelly bellys.


Eating too many calories does!


Nothing has to be eliminated or taken off the menu, just enjoy things in MODERATION.


Not sure how many calories to eat or how to create a deficit?


Try downloading MyFitnessPal – free app.




WEEKLY calories rule over daily calories.


Don’t stress if you go over 1 day (that’s life) bring it back over the next day or 2.


Check out this info graphic from Carter Good which is a great visual.



2. Keep Hydrated.


So simple yet sooo many people don’t do this.


Aim for at LEAST 2 litres of water a day.


Best way to assess hydration is pee colour.


Light, non smelly = congrats your on point.


Darker, smelly = reach for that H2O!


3. Eat Protein at Every Meal.


Ideally, try incorporate protein into your SNACKS too.


Keeps you fuller for longer, curbs cravings and helps repair/build your muscle.


Think yoghurt, babybels, cottage cheese & ham on rice cakes, humous, pre-cooked meats, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, shakes, bars, etc.


These are awesome!!



If you want to be more precise.


Aim for 1.6 – 2kg of protein per kg of bodyweight.


4. Sleep.


ESSENTIAL for fatloss not to mention energy, managing cravings and every other function of your body.


Everybody’s different but 7-9 hours is a great goal to aim for.


Going to bed at the same time is a simple way to set yourself up for a good night.


5. Reduce Alcohol Intake.


At almost the same amount of calories per gram as BUTTER, this is a no brainer.


Alcohol = 7 cals per gram

Butter = 9 cals per gram


You don’t need to cut it out completely but BINGING on the vino then expecting to have a flat, sexy stomach – ain’t gonna happen.



Try switching to vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime – my fave.


Low cal and super refreshing.


Reducing alcohol will also massively help with point No.4


6. Add Weights To Your Training (2-3 x p/w)


More muscle = More calories burned


= More toned


= Less fat


= Stronger, sexier body


= Goodbye jelly belly


If you don’t have any kind of weights then think water bottles, cans, bags of pet food, back pack filled with books, etc.


7. Get Your NEAT Up


NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenensis


= The amount of calories you burn outside your actual workouts.


ie Your daily step count.


This is highly important for fatloss but also your health.


If you’re not hitting around 10k steps daily, aim for a little more each day till you achieve that and watch your jelly belly disappear faster.


8. Don’t Over Complicate Things.


Losing weight and getting rid of your jelly belly simply requires EFFORT.


There’s no ‘magical’ way around it, no ‘secrets’ and nobody that’s going to do it for you.


Focus on nailing the basics above.




Be patient.


And I promise….you WILL see/feel results.


Start today and by this time next week, month, year – you’ll thank yourself for it.



BIG and exciting news coming soon!!!


Lee ‘setting you up for Summer’ Donald x



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