Wowzers – what a time recently.


From all the Covid craziness to working hard behind the scenes.


If you’ve been following my emails or social media recently you may have got the hint, something EXCITING is about to happen.


Those in my Team LDPT Facebook group and MAX Experience already know which perhaps may give you a little clue.


I can also tell you.


– If you’re female.


– If you have some lockdown pounds to lose.


– If you want to bring sexy back & feel confident this Summer.


– If you’d like to make this process simple, enjoyable and without a gym or diet in sight.


You’ll LOVE it!


Just keep posted to next Monday’s blog or my social media when I’ll be releasing the juicy details.


In the meantime,


I thought I’d share an AWESOME challenge with you.


A fantastic exercise for building the strength of your legs and most importantly – feet


It’s free, doesn’t take long, can be done anywhere and literally no excuse for not giving it a go : )



Can you make the recommended 20-25?


If not, how many can you do?


Is one foot/leg stronger than the other?


I’d love to hear your feedback.


Challenge yourself, partner and kids and see how you get on.


I’m currently doing lots of these to help get my injured foot back on track so know they’re not as easy as they look.


Lee ‘exhausted but excited’ Donald x



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