As mentioned last week, I’ve got some EXCITING news to share and to keep posted today/my socials.


Just incase you missed this on Saturday, here it all is:



So now you know what’s happening.


I just wanted to share some reasons, why joining my award winning online members area The MAX Experience could be the perfect choice for you.


❤ If you want to lose those lockdown pounds and firm your wobbly bits.


❤ If you want your clothes to fit better.


❤ If you want to look good naked.


❤ If you want to feel happier looking in the mirror.


❤ If you want to feel fitter & stronger.


❤ If you want to have more energy and feel more positive.


❤ If you’re not a fan of or can’t get to the gym.


❤ If you want to learn how to make small, simple changes that = BIG results.


❤ If you’ve been on every diet out there and it’s not worked.


❤ If you never want to go on a diet again.


❤ If you want to spend less time getting better results.


❤ If you need some structure, support & accountability to achieve your goals.


❤ If you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and ready for change.


If you this is abit of you, then I’d love to help.


I’ll teach you everything you need to know.


How to keep things simple, enjoy the process and get amazing life long results!!


** Doors open Sunday 12th July 2020 @ 8am.


🎁First 5 sign ups will also win a Loyalty Card for my exclusive BodyMax Network fitness classes when they return (worth £35).


** New customers only.


I’ll be sharing more info with you over this week so emailing you a little more than usual.


But that’s just because I don’t want you to miss out, especially if you’d like to see what my fitness classes are like for free.


Only 5 days to go!!


In the meantime, if you’d like to the know the answer to the following question.


Can you eat squashies everyday and still lose weight?


Here’s the answer:


Lee ‘squashie addict’ Donald x



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