Yesterday I mentioned there were only 5 days till the new and improved MAX Experience re-opens it’s doors (my exclusive online members area for women).


However, I miscounted as forgot I’d changed the official opening day.


The Bad News?


You’ll have to wait an extra day, oops – my bad.


The 5 day countdown starts now.


The Good News?


On this countdown, I’ll be sharing a few things such as a free abaliscious workout and some tasty recipes.


And today, I thought I’d share some frequently asked questions for any woman thinking of joining but a little unsure.


➡️ What if I’m not fit enough?


Workouts have options throughout.


The whole aim is to help you build on your fitness and get fitter & stronger.


➡️ How long are the workouts?


All workouts in our members area are 10mins.


All live workouts in our private Facebook group vary from 10-30mins.


➡️ How much does it cost?


Enjoy a 7 day free trial.


Pay £5 weekly or £20 monthly.


➡️ Do I have to join for a certain amount of time?


Nope – cancel anytime by the click of a button.


➡️ Is it all online?


Yes and no.


All workouts, etc are online and can be done anytime, anywhere.


However, we always have a social event throughout the year.


Building the best, most supportive community is at the top on my list and believe social events not only bring us closer but make us stronger as a Team.


We also just like to kick back and party together.


Here’s a pic of a few of use enjoying some food & drinkies at The Dutch Mill after participating in the Mo Running 5km/10km last year.



If you have any questions about The MAX Experience I’ve not covered, please just get in touch.


Otherwise stay tuned to my blog (or social media) tomorrow @ 7pm when I’ll be sharing one of our LIVE workouts.


Super fun, simple and will make you sweat.


Equipment: x1 cushion

Lee ‘helping women get results & enjoy the process ‘ Donald x



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