I hope you had a great w/e.


Not gonna lie,


Between having a 4 year old and 1 year old to look after all day, every weekend while my wife works and trying to run my own business business at the same time.


It can get pretty stressful.


Infact yesterday, it all got a little much.


From being up at 4.30am for the millionth day in a row (the Baby Boss’s new wake up phase).


Accompanied by saying a gazillion times the same thing over and over….and over again (the joys of mumlife), plus a whole load of stuff to do.


I broke.


Mentally, physically, emotionally.


I wasn’t functioning.


Having suffered from mental health issues such as depression and a 15 year eating disorder, I know the alarm bells.


However, I also now know what to do.


I cancelled the live Sunday Support Q&A in the Team LDPT Facebook Group (I hate cancelling!).


I went to bed early.


Then woke up today with a new mindset.


Granted it was at 4.30am and I had broken sleep (mumlife again) but every day is a fresh start.


So many times, people ruin a perfectly good day by overthinking or stressing about what already happened yesterday.


In order to allow ourselves to feel happy.


We have to let that sh*t go and move on or else those negative emotions will consume us.


Hopefully by sharing this (it wasn’t my intention today but like to be honest), it may help some you who are also struggling.


We ALL struggle at times.


We’re ALL not ok at times.


And that’s OK.


As long as we positively try to work through it.


Whether it’s talking to someone, exercising, taking some time out or simply changing what you can and accepting the things you can’t.


Our mental health is our wealth and incredibly important to look after.


That being said, this story isn’t too far off the topic of what I was planning to share with you today.


I wanted to give you an AWESOME recipe I posted recently in the Team LDPT Facebook group.


(a place where we focus on mental & social finess, just as much physical fitness).


The recipe is super quick, satisfying and will keep you full till lunch.


Yup it’s a breakfast recipe as I know many people struggle with breakfast ideas.


Introducing – The Breakfast Burrito


(If you’re reading this and already part of the Team, hope you enjoyed it!).



To life make easy,


You can find this recipe already pre-entered into MyFitnessPal.


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It really is the perfect place for women looking to lose weight, get fitter, eat better, stress less, boost their confidence and feel happier in themselves through this crazy time.


If you’d like 7 days FREE access so you can check it out for yourself.


Just tap on the link below.


It’ll take you straight there : )



Lee ‘feeling more positive today’ Donald x



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