Holy Macaroni – How AMAZING is our weather recently?


From busting out the BBQ, laying out in the back garden, topping up the tan.


The finer weather can bring an INCREDIBLE amount of happiness to people which is very welcome during this challenging time.


Buuuut it can also trigger some pretty uncomfortable, unhappy and NEGATIVE emotions too.


Skirts, shorts, dresses, bikinis, beachwear, crop tops, strappy tops, tighter clothes, less clothes.


Summer time means we tend to expose our bodies more and THAT can send ‘the fear’ into any woman not comfortable with how they look/feel.


Especially if you’ve been ‘hiding away’ at home in your comfys and munching mindlessly through lockdown.


Sun comes out, warmer weather arrives, reality hits and you think:


What have I done?!


Getting ‘fluffy’ can have a huge impact on your confidence and happiness.


And an area I’m asked ALL the time how to reduce is ‘the pooch’ aka jelly belly.


My answer?


Whether it your pooch, bingo wings or muffin top.


Getting your nutrition right is the most important thing.


You can’t out train a bad diet.


Then I’d suggest short, high intensity workouts that work your ENTIRE body (not just said area) along with a good amount of strength training.


This will help you burn fat, sculpt your body, build a stronger core and have better abs.


‘Ok sounds like a plan Lee but I don’t really know where to start’.


Don’t worry.


This is exactly what I’m helping women with inside the Team LDPT Facebook group.


Every LIVE workout is carefully structured to ensure the perfect combination of strength, resistance & cardio aaand also so they’re enjoyable (very important).


There’s options for EVERY single exercise to make them suitable for all fitness levels so don’t worry if you don’t feel ‘fit enough’.


** All workouts are saved to access anytime **


There’s tips every Tuesday to guide and give you knowledge on everything from fitness to fatloss.


A new, tasty, easy to make recipe is released every Thursday.


And every Sunday, there’s a live Q&A so I can help you personally with any questions or struggles you have.


There’s loads more inside too.


From fitness, nutrition, support, motivation – it’s all at your fingertips.


Read to help you lose those lockdown pounds, tone up and start feeling happier in yourself again.


Even better…


You can see what it’s like yourself – for FREE.


Test drive it for 7 days to see if you like it.


If you do, it’ll only cost £5 pw (cancel any time).


If not, cool – you don’t need to do anything.


Just get in touch to claim your free week and we’ll get Jelly Belly June kick started.


You in?


If you’re not quite sure yet then check out what some of the Team have to say.





‘It’s given me much needed support to especially during this difficult time.


The workouts are easy to fit into your day and the dancing with Hayley on a Friday and quiz night on a Saturday are fab too.


It’s great value for money and would highly recommend to anyone who is lacking motivation.


Lee and the other women in the group will definitely help get you back on track and you get a laugh in the process.’





‘The group has been great as it means I can still keep active with all the live workouts from home.


It helps me maintain a positive mindset and keeps me focused on my health by providing lots of tips and support every day!


They are a great bunch of women all encouraging and supporting one another.


I also enjoy the mix of workouts and love our Friday dance class!


At £5 a week it’s absolutely value for money!’





‘The group has helped by giving me the push I need to still get exercise in.


Whether it’s the live workouts, going out jogging or just getting my steps up!!


Along with eating healthier & making better choices.


Lots of tips are posted in the group daily which give us a reminder on how easy it is to make positive steps!


I love the quiz night on a Saturday.


Getting to relax, have a drink with a great bunch of women and always feeling better after it!


Lots of great workouts suitable for everyone and so much positivity in the group.


You even get the chance to get your dance on on a Friday night too with live dance workouts from Hayley.


If you want to watch your weight/get your exercise in at this stressful time, give Lee a shout for your free trial!


You won’t regret it!’


Lee ‘ready to welcome you onboard’ Donald x



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