I hope you’re well and had a good w/e (as good as we can these days anyway).


Today, I just wanted to share some EXCITING news with you.




I can’t quite believe it but Lee Donald Personal Training will officially be 9 years old tomorrow!


Yup 26th May 2011, I had my very first client.


I had no equipment, no premises and operated from my Mum’s lounge who I lived with at the time as I also had no money! lol.


(Mum you’re an absolute legend and can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and continue to do to support me).


I would also travel to other people’s houses.


Looking back, it’s crazy to think how it all started.


Fast forward to today,


My own house, private fitness cabin on my property and 14 awards later.



3 trademarked classes and launch of my online business The MAX Experience/MAX Experience Pre/post Natal.


Wedding, charity, student events and courses coming out my ears.


Being a guest speaker at Aberdeen Grammar and guest on the expert panel for Sport Aberdeen (Active Girls Committee).


It’s definitely been action packed.


When I qualified as a Personal Trainer and started my business,


I was also on the cusp of trying to overcome my 15 year eating disorder, stopping smoking, coming off meds and building a healthier relationship with alcohol.


Add a 4 year old, 1 year old, diagnosis with broncho constriction and a ridiculous addiction to obstacle course racing alongside a European and World Championship to the mix and that about brings us up to date! lol.


It’s been an incredibly challenging journey mentally, physically and professionally.


Yet, it has equally been amazingly rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Being a Mum, business woman, ocr athlete and having the ability to help people positively change their lives is my passion and something I hand on heart absolutely LOVE.


I hope by sharing my story, it helps people realise it’s never too late and anyone can turn their life around if they decide to put their mind to it.


Cue exciting EXCITING news no.2.


My nomination has been accepted and I’ll find out in September whether I’ll be called for an interview to be a finalist at the Natwest EveryDay Women Awards 2020.


Pass the interview and I’ll be attending the prestigious awards ceremony on the 2nd December in London (covid-19 permitting).


These are HUGE (and to be honest kinda scary!)


Check them out:


Natwest Everday Women Awards 2020:


It genuinely blows my mind and makes me pinch myself when I think back to the person who I used to be to where I am today.


Whether I make it as a finalist or not.


I just want to say a massive THANK YOU!


From my fabulous clients, BodyMax Network fitfam, Max Experience Team and EVERYONE taking the time to read this and who’s allowed me to be part of their journey.


I’m thankful every day I get to work and connect with such an inspiring bunch of women.


I know it’s an extra challenging time right now but I’ll continue to do my best and give 100% to help you through this.


If we’re not already, then let’s get connected:


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Lee’s Instagram Page: www.instagram.com/leedonald/


Lee ‘living her best life’ Donald x



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