Snow, sun, busting out press ups at 10,600ft, reaching top speeds of almost 90km/h, oh and some serious Aprés Ski.


WHAT a week!!


Yup after an adrenaline fuelled, fun filled week I’m officially back from the Alps and IN the office.


Just in time to help you get ‘operation beach bod’ into FULL swing for Spring/Summer.


To be honest – I’ll be doing abit of ‘operating’ myself too.


If we’re connected on social media you’ll know I usually post a few times DAILY and in the last week I only posted a couple times.


It’s been AAAAMAZING to switch off and simply ‘live in the moment’!


If you’ve never tried that (even for just 10mins!!) I highly recommend you give it a go.


Aaaand for 6 full days I certainly lived those moments to the MAX, lol.


Infact, here’s a little CONFESSION.


Despite all the physical activity of skiing/boarding and burning up to around 1000 calories PER HOUR.


Let’s just say my abdominal area is now looking rather ‘FLUFFY’!


Yuuuup folks, for the 1st time ever on a ski hol – I put ON weight.


So HOW did this happen??


Vodka, Beer, Long Islands (definitely more alcohol than any other ski hol), a rather unnecessary amount of cheese on EVERYTHING (gotta love the French) and a buffet style dinner including dessert every night.


In a nutshell – I simply consumed MORE calories than I was burning.




I tell people this all the time and I’m hardcore proof this is true.


Aaaand just in time for The Scotland Business Awards this Friday (eeeek).


BIG event only 4 days away – I’m not looking or feeling my BEST.


What am I GOING to do?


1. Get straight back on that healthy wagon.


2. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.


3. Cut the crap and regain portion control.


4. Continue to exercise daily (weights / cardio).


5. Ditch the alcohol (until the Awards Friday).


6. Eat healthy, colourful and nutritious meals I enjoy.


What am I NOT going to do?


1. Beat myself up about it – it’s done now.


2. Regret anything – life’s too short.


3. Skip meals, replace food with shakes, take any pills or do anything crazy.


** Moral of the Story **


Sometimes sh*t happens, it’s not the end of the world – pick yourself up and get back on track.


Nutrition comes BEFORE exercise, if you’re nutrition is not on point then it’s theee most important place to start.


But don’t worry I can help you with that.


If you’re struggling to get rid of YOUR ‘fluffy’ bits.


Want to drop a dress size, find your abs or just bring sexy back.


Check out my fully personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plans.


No starving, no pills, simply tasty meals based around the foods you already enjoy.


Let’s keep fatloss simple : )






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Lee ‘fluffyliscious’ Donald x



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