Yup I’d like to say I was super cool but those were my thoughts when they announced my name at Scotland’s Business Awards last Saturday.


Lee Donald Personal Training officially won ‘Best Health & Wellbeing Business 2017’.


Woop Woop so excited, happy, grateful and proud.


It’s been one heck of a journey both business wise and personally.


Infact I was pretty shocked too as you can see from this video, lol.



If I’m honest…


I had no idea if I would win but here’s what I do know.


Hard work ALWAYS pays off.


I believe this applies to anything and EVERYTHING in life.


I’m constantly learning and looking for ways to not only deliver the BEST experience and services possible but also…


To make sure I’m PERSONALLY the best I can be.


If YOU are honest.


How much time and effort did you put into achieving your goals last month?


To pushing yourself forward and feeling healthier & happier in yourself?


If your answer is ‘not as much as I could have’, I have some GOOD NEWS!


We’re at the start of brand new month which means you get a FRESH start.


Filled with new opportunities to take ACTION this April and make it all happen.


Here’s the even BETTER news.


Only ONE week till Launch!!


The MAX Experience is officially opening it’s doors for the second time this year.


If you’re a BUSY person who wants to look fabulous and bring SEXY back this Summer without stepping foot in gym,


You’ll LOVE The MAX Experience.


Doors open next Monday 10th April 2017.




They’re only opening for ONE week (till Sunday 16th) then they’ll close again till July.


Spaces will also be LIMITED so make sure you stay tuned to Thursday’s blog.


I’ll be revealing more info and exactly HOW you can guarantee yourself a place to join the team and walk through those doors.


Lee ‘preparing to launch’ Donald x



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