Are you working today?

Are you off work?


I’m officially ‘out the office’ but hey I’m always here for you and committed to supporting and motivating you 365 days a year!!


Regardless of whether you’re working or not I imagine you’re super busy, if not physically then mentally (planning everything in your head).


Last shop for Christmas presents, the ‘big food shop’, organising, planning, the list can be endless.


With only 2 days on the countdown – it’s a BUSY time!!


In the last few emails I’ve highlighted just HOW important it is to make time for yourself so you’re feeling good, looking good and on your game.


How’s that working out for you?

Had any exercise/workout since last week?

Taken any time to do something just for YOU?




Have you ignored my advice, feel sluggish, overfed, possibly ill, tired and stressed?


People who have AMAZING bodies, FANTASTIC health and who are GLOWING with happiness don’t have super powers nor do they magically have more time than anybody else.


Infact they’re exactly like Mr. Average Joe when it comes to having work, family and personal commitments.


Except ONE of their commitments is sooo important that even if they don’t HAVE time….they MAKE time!!

Their commitment to their health, fitness and overall happiness.


Are you MAKING time for your health & fitness this Christmas?

It’s always a CHOICE.


But it’s much easier to wake up early, get your butt out of bed and workout than it is to look in the mirror each day and not like what you see.


With a busy day ahead and being invited out for drinks & nibbles this evening.

It’s time for a 20 min mood boosting, feel-good, fat-burning workout.



Lee ‘starting with the (wo)man in the mirror’ Donald x

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