BORED easily with your workouts?

Not sure the best way to get AWESOME results?

Got results but hit a PLATEAU?


Is this you?




If we’re connected on social media then you’ll know I have a simple solution and answer to all this.


SPICE up your exercises – No gym required!!


You can do this with literally ANY exercise you like from planks, squats, lunges to burpees which I’ll show in a minute.


Classic Press Up


On your feet or on your knees.





1. Add Weights/Unstable Surfaces.

(dumbells, med balls / football, bosu ball, step, book, pot pan, etc).


2. Add Power.

(this is a killer and serious calorie burner).


3. Change your Hand Position.

(hits more muscles and from different angles).


4. Change your Speed.

(try 5secs down/5 secs up – oooft).


5. Increase your range of Movement.

(aim to get your chest as low as possible, using 2 elevated surfaces – dumbells / steps / books are great for this).


Want a simple yet SUPER EFFECTIVE full body, hiit workout that involves all this?


Then standby to BURN that belly bulge, MELT that muffin top and get your SEXY on for Summer by giving this a go!!




40 secs On / 10secs off.
Repeat 3-5 times.


Equipment – 1 weight to squat with (if required)


Weighted Plie Squat.

(slightly wider stance / feet pointed out at 45 degrees grab any weight that challenges you)


Press Ups 3secs down / 3secs up.

(one hand on a raised surface / switch each round / low as you can go)


Power Lunges.


Plank with Toe Taps.

(forearm plank / tap your toe as far out to the side as possible SLOWLY – repeat each side)


One Armed Burpee.

(oooft – if you need to build up to this use 2 hands)


CRANK up the tunes, CHALLENGE yourself, get a SWEAT on, have FUN and enjoy the results.


And hey,


Feel free to Facebook me, Tweet me – I’d love to hear how it goes : )


Lee ‘sprinkling some spice’ Donald x



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