How’s your week going?

Have you managed to put my simple festive tips into action?


2 weeks TODAY and it’s Christmas friggin Day – WOW!!

Exciting, scary and SOOOO much to do before the ‘big man’ arrives.


But are YOU making time for yourself?

I’m not just speaking about working out (although very important).


Are you finding time to relax and ‘switch off’ (even if it’s 5 mins).

Are you taking time to do things you WANT to do instead what you feel you HAVE to do?

Are you getting enough sleep?


Having personally spent the last couple of weeks enduring the lurgy and feeling crap I can’t stress enough HOW important it is to take some ‘YOU’ time.

Nobody’s truly going to look after No.1 apart from YOU – Fact!


It’s an exciting time so make sure you ENJOY it and feel energised instead of super stressed.

It doesn’t have to be complicated….


1. Have a daily short HIIT workout (10mins).

2. Keep hydrated (essential for energy, fatloss & function).

3. Eat crap = feel like crap so ditch the sh*t.

4. Get 8hrs sleep (not rocket science).

5. Make some YOU time!!


Speaking of feeling energised, stress free and general awesomeness….

If you’ve been reading my emails and following on me social media you may be familiar with and exciting NEW fitness class by the name of BODYMAX BURN.


Want to know what the hype is about?

Check it out:


As promised:

Here’s The LDPT Network ‘exclusive’ on how to secure you place at LAUNCH NIGHT!!


I will be posting a Facebook Status @ 7.30pm on Tues 16th Dec.

(You will have till Fri 19th Dec @ noon)


1. Like my LIKE PAGE (if not already).

2. ‘Like & Share’ the status directly from MY LIKE PAGE.


I will be randomly selecting 20 people and inviting them to come along to Launch Night to test drive and sample BodyMax Burn.


*For those who are part of The BodyMax Network, NOT on Facebook and would like to be part of the selection*

Please TEXT me at the above time.


Test Drivers will be announced on Sunday 21st Dec @ 6pm.



Ooooo and check out what got delivered yesterday:



Did you miss my Tip of The Day last week?

Check it out:


Lee ‘making some ME time’ Donald x


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