How was your w/e?


Christmas shopping, visiting, family time, wrapping, sending cards, crimbo tunes, it’s all getting FESTIVE!!

Christmas is coming SOON which means so is 2015!!


With temptation EVERYWHERE and even less available time for workouts I KNOW it’s difficult to keep control of your waistline.


Are you going to kick off 2015….


Feeling like a bloater?


Feeling fab?! 


Fear not, I’m here to help!!


Today I sent The LDPT Network: 

‘Simple Ways To Reduce Your Calories’.


Especially suitable if you have ZERO WILLPOWER.

Super simple and something ANYONE can do.


Infact these tips can help you consume a mahoosive HALF of your usual festive calories!!


If you missed out on this simply sign up @ so you don’t miss anymore.

​You’ll also bag my FREE Ab-Flab Workout which you may find particularly useful this time of year if you’re short on time and struggling to control your waisteline


Speaking of kicking off 2015…


If you missed the launch date and name of my exciting new fitness class

Check it out here:

Yes for those clever clogs out there I said something slightly incorrectly….the date.

I can confirm the correct date is the 9th.


Watched that video?


Click the link below for an exclusive I sent The LDPT Network this morning:



Booking will Commence:


Launch Night = FREE.

Limited Availability!


FULL details on booking to follow.



Have a wicked week. 

If you’re not signed up to The LDPT Network maaan what are you waiting for?

Get excited for making this festive season your best yet!!



Lee ‘feeling pumped’ Donald x


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