I hope you’re having a productive week.


I know lots of people have been busy putting up their festive decorations which is always fun…



THREE weeks today and BOOM it’s Christmas Day..

How’s that damage limitation going?
Are you setting yourself up for a guilt-free Christmas?


Only 3 weeks of training left but there’s STILL time.

If you’re not 100% happy with your body, health, fitness or life and you’re still breathing – it’s not too late!!

And I don’t just want you to go through the motions of doing what you think you SHOULD be doing.


I want you to get EXCITED about making changes.

About SEEING and FEELING the results of your hard work.

About EARNING a Guilt-Free Christmas.

About welcoming 2015 with a HAPPIER, more POSITIVE mind-set.


Remember your 3 Step Plan:

1. Put in the hard work NOW.

2. Enjoy your guilt free Christmas knowing that you finished 2014 in the best way possible.

3. Get ready to go full throttle and make 2015 the healthiest and happiest year of your life!!


There’s going to be temptation ALL around right now – party food, dining out, alcohol…

I’m not saying don’t get in the festive spirit but I AM saying you need to put some boundaries in place so you don’t undo all the hard work you’ve been putting in.


Check out my 3 simple tips to help your waistline survive the festive season.



  • Fill your plate ONCE!

(there’s no need for you to have seconds so don’t get greedy).

  • Offer to be designated driver so your cutting out all those belly,bloating excess empty calories from alcohol.
  • Don’t stand/sit beside the buffet or food – you’ll be much more likely to pick and munch.
  • Have something small to eat before you go so you’re not piling up the food due to your over hungry, empty stomach.



  • Have soup for a starter, it’s a healthier option and will fill you up more so you’re less likely to eat more or have a pudding.

(plus soup just tastes that little bit better in winter time!).

  • Whatever you have for main course, order it with a side salad instead of chips.

(Booooom – 500 cals saved right there!).

  • Think protein and try to stay away from ‘creamy’ dishes or overloading on carbs such as pizza, pasta, garlic bread.
  • If you must have a pudding then share it…..sharing is caring and your waistline will thank you for it.



  • Have a glass of water in between each drink – you’ll consume less and keep hydrated.
  • Limit your drinking to once/twice a week and offer to be designated driver if you’re out more than that.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol if you’re out for a meal. ​

Big meal + alcohol = fantastic way to increase that festive flab!


Oooo and did you see clue no.3 & 4 yesterday??!

Click below to find out:


Lee ‘dying to spill the beans’ Donald x

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