Wooohooo it’s offically time to get excited about the ‘big man’ coming and all things festive.

No doubt you have lots to organise, people to see and things to do.


Is making time for YOURSELF one of them??!

When you neglect YOUR body, YOUR health, YOUR happiness especially in December…

What happens?

New Year hits and you feel like an over fed, overweight, under nourished, under active, inflamed, miserable stress ball…

Cue extreme measures, drastic dieting, lifestyle overhaul and an unrealistic workout schedule setting you up for failure.

What if YOU didn’t have to feel like that?

What if YOU gave YOURSELF as much attention as your Christmas list?

Yup getting the right present for Uncle Dave, Mum and Son are a top priority but guess what…

YOU are a priority!

Start putting in the groundwork NOW so come January, you’re in a MUCH better and happier place.

Break that mould and tradition that constantly holds you back from being the healthiest & happiest you can be.

With LOTS of festivities to attend, buffets, meals & beverages to be consumed…

It’s important to enjoy yourself but just don’t go crazy and make sure you squeeze in your workouts.

Kicking off 2015 feeling uncomfortable and unhappy in your body should NOT be an option.


Oh but hey, go ALL OUT on Christmas Day!

Stuff your face with as much food and drink as you feel necesssary (I will be!) completely GUILT-FREE as you’ve been working hard till that point.


It’s a DAY of indulgence……not MONTH!!

Then you get back on that healthy bandwagon and kick off 2015 actually feeling GOOD about yourself.

Need help with your workouts?

We’re kicking off the week with a 30min BLAST followed by 2 helpings of BodyMax.

For more details on these awesomely unique and fun fitness classes click here:



BodyMax Blast:


These are MUCH more than just fitness classes.

Infact below is picture from Saturday and our annual Bodymax Crimbo Night.

Check out what happened when I got let loose behind the bar!

Exciting New Fitness Class Coming SOON!

Just incase these 2 classes weren’t awesome enough – I’m launching a third!

Did you see clue no.2?

Click below to find out:

Clue 4 & 5 coming this week.
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Lee ‘festive flab fighter’ Donald’ x

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