How’s your week going?

Soooo many people are sick at the moment…

Have you managed to stay clear of the lurgy?

As someone who is never ill I can honestly say I’m struggling to write this laying on the sofa, green tea beside me along with cough mixture, tissues and strepsils lined up for use.


Which inspired me to write today’s blog.

Here’s a short low down on the situation and how MY story can help YOU.

Last Week – trained a few clients who weren’t feeling ‘their best’.

Weekend – good friend and her young son who had a slight chesty cough came to visit and stay for the w/e.

2 late nights – 1 involved alcohol.

3 early starts.

Monday – short on energy not feeling the best but carry on as normal.

Tuesday – no better but push through, force a workout, struggle to sleep.

Yesterday – No energy, no workout, feeling crap, bed early, no sleep

Today – BOOOOM cue sick day required!!

Despite the warning signals…

I STILL chose to work.

I chose to keep pushing pretending I was ok.

I even had a workout.

Why do we wait till we’re on our ‘death bed’ to slow down and relax?

Does this sound familiar??

Here’s the facts:

1. Sleep is ESSENTIAL to help your body restore balance and keep your immune system in tact (amongst MANY other things).

2. Alcohol destroys and depletes your immune system.

3. Low immune system = susceptible to illness.

4. Low immune system + ‘sick people’ = time bomb!

Here’s the real kicker…

With my annual Bodymax Crimbo Night that I’ve spent forever organizing THIS Saturday and fast approaching, I had a plan.


Bust out my usual 5-6 workout per week to look and feel my best.

Go into town and find an outfit.

Have a ball and celebrate with my girlies sat night.


After Tuesday’s car pick and complete interruption to my usual routine, I only managed 2 workouts last week.

I’ve had 1 this week.

I feel like sh*t.

I look like sh*t.

I won’t have my ‘pre-night out’ workout.

I won’t be having ANY more workouts this week.

My goals have all been put on hold.

I won’t be going into town to find an outfit, I’ll be resting.

I’ve had to cancel my clients today and possibly tomorrow too.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel by Saturday.

YUP even MY plans don’t go smoohtly sometimes!


Feel sorry for yourself, whinge about your situation, stress over your outfit, take it out on other people and make excuses regarding your goals?

THIS will accomplish absolutely NOTHING.


Accept the situation – it’s temporary!

Cancel work tomorrow if necessary – health comes first.

Put together an outfit from the clothing you own and rock it anyway.

Make new goals for next week when you’re back on from.

Take happiness knowing as soon as you’re better you’ll be back on track doing your thing.

THIS is productive, positive and promotes happiness.


Sh*t happens and the road to success is not always a straight one but choose the path to get back on track and you’ll get there!

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Lee ‘having a sick day’ Donald x

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