How was you’re w/e?

Did you have fun, relax, workout?

Did you keep on track with your goals?

Here we are, the beginning of yet another week AND the last week of November….this time next week will be 1st December – Crazy!!

Christmas is right around the corner so if YOU want to earn that Guilt-Free Christmas then NOW is the time to be working your butt off. 
Put in the hard work now then relax and enjoy your day of indulgence….completely guilt-free!!
Hmmm yes please.

Need help with exercise?

Short on time?

Check out BodyMax Blast – Results in just 30mins!! (1.5min video)

It’s the perfect way to kick off the week, knowing your Monday workout is in the bag and all in 30mins.
Don’t just take MY word for it – Meet Rachel (30sec video)
And if you want a super quick, wicked workout to fire up your metabolism and burn some serious fat at home then try this challenge.
1. Pick any 10 exercises.
2. Do 50 reps of each exercise.
3. Record you time.
4. Rest 60secs / Repeat 2 – 4 times
5. Challenge your time on another training day.
You have don’t have a time limit so even though you may not be able to do 50 press ups all in a row…it doesn’t matter.
You don’t stop when you’ve had enough,
You stop when you’re done!!
You can make the exercises as easy or as difficult as you want.
Keep it bodyweight or add in a dumbbell, kettlebell, skipping rope, medicine ball, stability ball, step, etc.
This is a FANTASTIC way to challenge yourself, get your body into serious fat-burning mode as well record your progression.
Let me know how it goes…
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Did you miss my tip of the day at the w/e?
Here it is:

And last but not least….

Here’s an ‘exclusive’ especially for YOU.

There’s an exciting NEW fitness class launching SOON!!

Stay tuned for more details.

Lee ‘you heard it here first’ Donald x

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