How’s your week going?
Everything going according to plan?
Are you on track?

What do YOU do when you’re travelling, on holiday, or something unexpected happens with your daily routine?

After an impromptu trip to London to pick up my new car on Tuesday, it inspired me to write today’s email.

4.30am rise.
6.35am flight.
8.15am land.
Picked up by garage, paperwork then a LONG drive home. 

This was NOT my usual day so how does one cope?

Food prep:
Quest Bars x2 for journey (healthiest protein bars in the world!).

Banana, blueberry, chia/flax seed, spinach, kale, cinnamon,  and unflavoured protein powder shake.

Green Tea

Plane food:
Bacon roll – threw away the roll, ate the one slice of bacon
(suprisingly extremely lean).

Love Hearts.
(yeah I couldn’t believe they gave these out either but saved them for later incase I got tired driving!).

Journey Home:
Hit up Marks & Spencers at a services.
2 whole chicken breasts (ate one).
Small tub raw cashews (had a handful).
Fruit medley (gone).
Water…..and 2 mini mince pies.


Ok I confess, I’m human and weak around mince pies but they were also friggin tiny, lol!!

As I bought my food I looked over at all the people munching down on their Burger Kings….uhhhhh the thought of eating that crap actually makes me feel sick!


How were they going to feel after their food?
How was I going to feel after mine?



After a mission and a half I returned home around 6pm.

White fish and brown rice.
(normally would have spiced up the fish and cooked veggies but was pooped!!).



Did I feel satisfied the entire journey? – Yes
Ever felt I was restricting myself? – No
Felt the need to eat my way home? – No
Have any regrets? – No?


Making good food choices help you feel less bloated, less sluggish, healthier, more alert, more energetic and another step closer to your goals.

Bad food choices will not only leave you with regrets, feeling ‘fat’ and have uncontrollable munchies but it’s also going to prevent you from taking any steps forward.


No matter WHAT life throws at you…

There are NO excuses for poor food choices.


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Lee ‘avoidng the mince pie aisle’ Donald x

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