I hope you had a great w/e.
It’s Monday again and you have a brand spanking new week to hit your goals.
How are YOU going to make that happen?
We’re officially in the festive season – how do I know that?
Because the super long, ridiculously expensive yet annoying intriguing adverts by John Lewis, Sainsburys, M&S, etc have landed on our TV screens.
Should you enjoy yourself this festive period? – Absolutely.
But if you’re not careful, the festive period can destroy ALL the hardwork and progress you’ve made so far.
The 3 Step Plan
Step 1: Damage Control (do as much as you can before Xmas!)
Step 2: Enjoy a Guilt-Free Christmas.
Step 3: Back in Action (get ready to work harder than ever to get your body, health and fitness back in shape).
5 weeks till Crimbo.
6 weeks before 2015 kicks in!!
What can YOU achieve before then?
It’s time to focus and think about what you’re eating, drinking and how much physical exercise your doing.
Confused about what you should be consuming?
Check out my ‘Tip of The Day’ I posted yesterday:

Confused about what exercise you should be doing?

For maximum results in minimum time it’s all about the HIIT baby!

A mix of cardio, bodyweight and resistance is an awesome combo.

Cue my my 5 Day Ab-Flab Workout:

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My Skipping Pyramid Workout:

And as an added BONUS:

Please find attached

’15 Tips To Sculpt Your Body with Weights’.

YES ladies…this is for you too!

Lifting weights (any kind) is essential for fatloss, raising your metabolism, strength, carrying out daily tasks, looking more toned…the list goes on..

The only thing that will make you big and bulky is sitting on ones backside and stuffing ones face!

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Lee ‘dedicated to your success’ Donald x

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