We’re almost at the end of the week…

How has it been working out for you?

Are YOU closer to your goals?

Are YOU making small changes?

Are YOU assessing your progress?

It’s so important to ‘check-in’ with yourself.

Whether it’s big high 5 OR a boot up the backside – keep pushing and stay motivtated.

More importantly…

Are YOU holding back on your goals out of fear?

Today, I want to share a shocking statistic with you.

According to Sport England, TWO MILLION fewer women than men participate regularly in sport and exercise.

However, of the 9.4 million women aged 14-40 that Sport England is targeting with a new campaign, a huge 7.1 million (75%) would like to participate more.

Aaand the reason for these statistics is FEAR OF BEING JUDGED!!

Even though the statistics may be lower, I have no doubt that many men are in the same boat too.

I don’t know about you but this makes me sad and angry!

HOW can people put THEIR life, goals, body, health and happiness on hold in fear that someone will judge them…so sad yet obviously true.

How much does that say about society?! – scary huh?

(that’s what makes me angry)

Will there be haters? – Always.

Will people pass judgement? – Human nature.

Will this get worse? – Who Knows.


1. Embrace your size:

If you’re in the gym or at that fitness class YOU are doing something about it!

2. Don’t feel guilty:

You may be a mum but you’re allowed to spend time on yourself.

3. Accept you’re a beginner:

Every champ, winner and gold medalist was once a beginner!

4. Believe your confidence will grow:

The more you exercise, the better you’ll feel, the better you’ll look, the more confident you’ll become…it’s a process so be patient and believe in it.

Life is WAAAAAY to short to live it in fear of judgement.

YOU rock.

YOU are a size awesome.

YOU deserve to be happy.

Do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!

TODAY is World’s Kindness Day, so inspire others with your kindness.

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’.
Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

Tomorrow is also World’s Diabetes Day.

Doing our part to help raise money for Diabetes UK,

Check out our video from lastnight’s BodyMax class:

If you want somewhere to workout WITHOUT fear or judgement my BodyMax & BodyMax Blast classes are perfect for you.

Exclusively ladies only, whom are all different shapes, different sizes, different abilities but there for the SAME reason….

To make positive changes!

Click on the links below for more details:





Just give me a shout if you want to join in the fun.

Lee ‘not here to judge’ Donald x


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