WOW it’s cold today…

Winter is here and what better way to get that blood pumpin’ and turn the heat than with a wicked workout.

Did you try my Skipping Pyramid workout I sent last week?

If you missed it, don’t worry I made a video for you.

Check it out:

If you’ve LIKED my Facebook Like Page then you may have seen I was at the Scottish Ski & Snowboard Freestyle Championships on Saturday.

No sadly not taking part (I’ve a bit of practice to do first! lol).

BUT this totally inspired me to write today’s email.

These kids were between 5-16 years old.

They were launching themselves off a massive kicker (jump).

Getting BIG AIR,

Pulling some of the most incredible tricks and grinding (sliding) down rails throwing in all sorts of funky moves on the way down.

As a keen skier and boarder myself…I KNOW how hard these tricks/jumps can be.

In a word AMAZING!

So how does all this relate to YOU?

How many ‘diets’ have you been on and stuck at?

How many many ‘new training programme’s’ have you kept up?

How many times have you felt defeated about something and given up?

EVERYONE I watched go off that jump on Saturday has fallen, no doubt injured themselves in some way and felt like giving up….


They didn’t.

They were there.

Doing the same tricks they’ve practiced over and over again till they nailed it.

Adjusting they’re take off, speed, landing.

Doing EVERYTHING they could to MAKE that goal of being a champion a reality.

This type of attitude backed up by these actions are what make possibilities LIMITLESS!!

It’s soo important you keep pushing forward to hit your goals.

Setting yourself mini-goals enroute to where you ultimately want to be.

If you don’t hit that mini-goal…adjust .

Figure out what IS working / what’s NOT working.

Things don’t always go according to plan.

Keep chipping away, you’ll get there!

As a child you have no fear.

You take risks.

You worry much less about what others will think of you.

As an adult you slowly build up that self-doubt not only from negativity from others but also by what you tell yourself.

We’re so scared of doing things, acting a certain way, being true to ourselves or even saying things in case someone will judge us…


Today my friend I want you to unleash YOUR inner child!!

If you fall down – get back up!

Be Limitless, Be Happy, Have No Fear : )

Lee ‘the big kid’ Donald x

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