How’s your week going?
Tried Monday’s Skipping Pyramid yet?
Is your nutrition on point?
Reality Check…
Are you using each day to move forward or are you simply complaining and doing nothing about it??
No matter WHAT your goals are, it’s important that you’re not just healthy on the outside but also on the INSIDE.
You can have a slender body and be at your ideal weight but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ‘healthy’.
Yes exercise is highly important but what YOU consume on a daily basis will ultimately determine how ‘healthy’ you are.
So are you on the ‘see food’ diet?
Do you want food simplified?
For all those who are part of The LDPT Network…check out the attachment I wrote for you called
Food Rules Simplified.
Yes there’s a bit of info in there (16 Food Rules) but it won’t take you longer than a few mins!
Read it once, read it twice and really think about what you are putting into your body.
If you’re not part of the The LDPT Network and missed out on this sign up and join at  WWW.LDPT.CO.UK
When you start thinking about what you consume and making small changes you’ll not only look amazing but you’ll FEEL a million times better!!
Want to know my secret recipe for the healthiest pancakes EVER??
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Let me know what you think of them!!
Lee ‘here’s some I made earlier’ Donald x
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