Woohoooo it’s the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for!!


Or at least I have, lol.


There was ALOT of people who signed up to The LDPT Network after I posted this video last week about my super EXCITING new project I’m launching soon


Get excited here:


Sooo many people asked me what it’s about so I released another short video over the w/e with a few more cheeky clues AND what my exciting new project is called.


Find out here:


As promised I gave an EXCLUSIVE free taster today to all my The LDPT Network members.


If you didn’t get your FREE taster today and don’t want to miss out on anything else you can sign up to The LDPT Network  for FREE @ www.ldpt.co.uk


**My free taster will be going ‘LIVE’ tomorrow and available on my SOCIAL MEDIA**


If we’re not already ‘connected’ you can find my social media channels at the bottom of this blog.


Struggle to get MOTIVATED?


BORED of your current workouts?


Want to get in shape but don’t know HOW?


Feel INTIMIDATED by or simply don’t like the gym?


Want to lose weight and feel healthier but short on TIME?


Struggle to get childcare and need something you can do at HOME?


Then this is for YOU and THIS is just the tip of the iceberg…


I’ll be releasing a little MORE info about my new project each week and on social media.


WHAT exactly it involves.
WHEN it’s going to launch.
HOW you get your hands on it.


Lee ‘being this excited on a Monday should be illegal’ Donald x



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