I hope you had a great w/e.


Here we are at the start of a SPANKING new week aaaand I do believe we’re OFFICIALLY in the festive season!!


How do I know that?


Because we all know when the ridiculously LONG and EXPENSIVE yet annoyingly intriguing Christmas adverts hit our TV


It’s THAT time of year!




Should you ENJOY yourself this festive period? – Absolutely.


I can’t WAIT for my 1st mince pie!!


But if you’re not careful, the festive period can single handedly DESTROY every little bit of hardwork and progress you’ve made so far.


And I know you didn’t push through all that sweat and effort for NOTHING.


So here’s a super SIMPLE, yet highly EFFECTIVE


3 Step Plan to keep you in ‘tip top’ shape and feel your festive BEST.


The 3 Step Plan


Step 1: Damage Control.


– A big push and effort starting NOW.


– Do as much as you can BEFORE Christmas!


Step 2: Enjoy a Guilt-Free Christmas.


– Enjoy every minute, savour all the tastes and wash it down with whatever you like WITHOUT any guilt.


– I know I will be.


Step 3: Get Back in Action.


– THEE most important step and another reason I won’t feel guilty chomping down on my mince pies (YES plural).


– Prepare yourself to work harder than EVER to get your body, health and fitness back on track and feeling fab.


– Because you made Step 1 happen, this will be MUCH easier.


Less than 6 weeks till Crimbo.


Less than 7 weeks before 2017 kicks in!!


So right now it’s ALL about Step 1 – DAMAGE CONTROL.


What can YOU achieve before the ‘big man’ comes?


Focusing on small simple things can create HUGE results.


Such as eating PROTEIN at every meal.


LOADING up of veggies and getting at least 2 litres of water down you.


How OFTEN are you working out?


If it’s 4 times a week aim for 5.


If it’s 2 aim for 3.


If it’s 0 – get ON it!


How HARD are you pushing yourself?


Get out of BREATH.


Break a SWEAT.


Push yourself OUTSIDE your comfort zone EVERY workout.


Oh and the GREAT news?


The harder you push the SHORTER you need to workout for.


Here’s a classic example:


This how people BURNED crazy calories, SCULPTED their bodies and brought SEXY back this September.


Most of these exercise came straight out my classes because burning calories and sculpting bodies is EXACTLY what we do there.


(but that’s just the TIP of the iceberg)


So if you need a little HELP with your plan, want to put the MOST damage limitation in as possible and would like to see the rest of the iceberg…


I’d love to welcome you onboard, just get in touch and we’ll get you started.


Click here for more info:



My classes take place in Aberdeen and are women only.

(sorry fellas and if you don’t live nearby).


But whether you come have some fun at classes and see how AWESOME working out can be or not


Make the BEST food choices you can, keep HYDRATED, hit your workouts often and HARD.


And put your plan into ACTION!



Lee ‘loves it when a plan comes together’ Donald x




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