How’s that 3 Step Plan to keep you in SHAPE this festive season coming along?


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Today, I literally just wanted to ‘check in’ and give you a little motivational NUDGE.


Sometimes the hours and days can FLY by and it becomes easy to LOSE focus on your goals.


And more importantly you FORGET to make time for yourself.


With an EXTRA busy time of year coming up make sure you’re taking care of YOU.


From SQUEEZING in your workouts, eating HEALTHY foods, getting some QUALITY sleep to simply not letting yourself get too STRESSED.


Make yourself a PRIORITY!


And before I go,


I’ll leave you with a little stress busting, healthy food, FUN.


I launched something called Lee’s Fun Foodie Game a couple of weeks ago and so far have had some AWESOME feedback about it.


Here’s Round 2 – Let see how YOU do.


**Not many people got this right**



You can find the ANSWER on all my social media platforms so let’s get connected if we aren’t already.


And if you DID see this on my social media last week and know the answer they stay tuned.


Round 3 is coming up very soon!!
Lee ‘gamesmaster’ Donald x



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