How’s your week going?


If it’s just ‘So So’ then get ready to SPICE things up a with these 2 cheeky challenges.


They don’t take long so PERFECT if you’re a busy bee like me.


No gym? No problem – you don’t need ANY equipment.


And most importantly, they’re really gonna help change your body in AMAZING ways to get looking your very BEST this fine festive season.


They’ll also help you BEAT those Winter blues.


Let me introduce the 500 REP CHALLENGE.


1. Pick any 10 exercises.


2. Do 50 reps of each exercise.


3. Record your time.


4. Challenge this time on another training day.


You have don’t have a TIME LIMIT so if you’re not able to do 50 press ups all in a row – it doesn’t matter.


You can make the exercises as EASY or as DIFFICULT as you want but hey,


If you want MAXIMUM results you KNOW a little jog on the spot ain’t gonna cut it.


Use just your bodyweight or throw in a dumbbell, kettlebell, skipping rope, medicine ball, stability ball, step or whatever have ACCESS to if you want to SPICE things up more.


Here’s a bodyweight example:


1. Burpees

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Press Ups

4. High Knees

5. Squats

6. Running Man

7. Side Lunges

8. Mountain Climbers

9. Russian Twist

10. Sprint on Spot


**If you’re not sure what these exercises are Youtube them**


This is a FANTASTIC way to challenge yourself.


To burn a RIDICULOUS amount of calories and fat.


To look FABULOUS for those festive parties.


Not to mention feel pretty AWESOME when you see/feel your progress.


And if you fancy another challenge…


Check out THIS one:


Equipment – Nada
Time – 10 mins


30secs Squat Jumps
10secs Squat Hold


30secs Pushups
10secs Plank Hold


30secs Burpees
10 secs High Knees


Repeat 5 times.
No Rest.


Yuuuuuup I didn’t say they’d be EASY but that’s the point.


If it challenges you, it’ll CHANGE you so if there’s anything you’d like to change whip out that phone/timer and let’s GO!!


And hey,


If you like FRESH, fun workouts that challenge you and get results WITHOUT stepping foot in a gym…


Come see what we get up to on a Mon, Wed & Fri at my fitness classes.


NO gym
NO membership required


You can come and go as you please and guarantee you won’t find ANY other classes the same.


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Lee ‘sprinkling some spice on Thursday’ Donald x



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