Cake, Steak, Vodka and Celebrations – Woohooo YES please!!


Yup last Saturday this PT fell off the wagon and not only indulged in some voddies but also a TWO course meal and TWO slices of cake.


(and that was just at lunch).


Hey, don’t judge! lol.


My family and I were celebrating something pretty SPECIAL that doesn’t happen very often.


My Grumpa’s 90th Birthday!!


There WAS some damage limitation in there though…


I drank vodka, sparkling water a fresh lime.
(only 50cals per drink)


I had mussels for a starter.
(packed with protein)


Steak, boiled potatoes and veg for my main.
(more protein – no chips)


Finished off with TWO slices of cake.
(my Grumpa cut them waay too thin, lol)




Did I consume MORE than my daily calorie allowance that day?

– eh YES.


I only had eggs for breaky but hit that cake AGAIN as well as more voddies in the evening – shhhh : )


Did this take me CLOSER to my goals?

– That’ll be a NO.


Did I allow myself to enjoy it and NOT feel guilty?

– hells YEAH.




Because 80% – 90% of the time I CONSISTENTLY eat well and exercise REGULARLY.


NOT to be confused with:

‘I’ve been good all week so I’m going to blow it at the w/e’.


It’s all about finding the right BALANCE.


Whatever you CONSISTENTLY do – you’re body (and health) will show.


**MOSTLY eat well, exercise REGULARLY and enjoy some celebrations here and there.


= slow, steady, sustainable progress.


**Eat well Mon- Fri, exercise when you can be BOTHERED or find time, drink alcohol and STUFF your face every w/e.


= stressful, erratic and stagnant.


OVER restricting yourself or OVER indulging will never work for anyone.


Ever told yourself you CAN’T eat something?


Eaten it ANYWAY.


Felt SH*T.


Flicked that ‘F*CK IT’ switch and eaten twice as much.


Hey, we’ve ALL been there!


Ever eaten so much you feel ridiculously GUILTY and literally can’t move?


Yuuup, we’ve all been there too!


It just DOESN’T work.


So if you’re WINNING the slow, steady, progress game and moving closer to your goals.


Congratulations, you’ve created a healthy and happy lifestyle that most only WISH for.


But if you’re fed up of feeling STRESSED, not really moving anywhere and want a piece of that HAPPY pie.


SOMETHING needs to change.


Here’s 3 important tips to get started:


1. Forget ‘Diets’.


– Allow yourself to have anything you want but in MODERATION.


2. Get More Active.


– From workouts, walking to just MOVING your backside more.


3. Don’t Use The Weekend as an Excuse To Go Crazy.


– Tips 1 and 2 apply to the w/e too.

And incase you missed this on my social media yesterday…


Here’s abit of FUN.


This video’s had over a 1.1 THOUSAND views since I posted it last night and LOTS of people have got involved which is AWESOME.


HIGHER or LOWER? – Can you guess right?


No cheating! lol.



I’ll be revealing the answer on my social media TONIGHT @ 7.30pm so if we’re not already connected, come find me.


Have an awesome week!!

Lee ‘back on that wagon’ Donald x



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