Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!!


Want to know a SCAAAAARY statistic?


The average person gains over 7-10 pounds during the festive season which…


Aaaand that’s just around the corner!!


Halloween today, followed by all the festive madness in the run up to Christmas then BOOOM before we know it it’s going to be 2017!!


Yuuuup we’re coming up to one of the BUSIEST times of year.


And when life gets busy people tend to get a little more STRESSED.


*Don’t EAT as well.


*Fall into BAD habits.


*Don’t WORKOUT as much.


*Wear jumpers to COVER UP.


*Pick up COLDS and illnesses.


*Perhaps don’t SLEEP as well.


*Darker morning/nights get your DOWN, etc, etc.


This is EXACTLY the time of year you need be on top of your game!!


Otherwise all those sweets, chocolate and Proseccos’s can be DEADLY not only to your waistline but also your confidence and clothes.


Here’s my 5 Top Tips to help your waistline SURVIVE Halloween.


1. Put All Sweets/Candy/Cakes/Crisps in a Tupperware Box.


If the kids have a ‘stock’ – keep it in a cupboard you don’t usually use.


Out of sight, out of mind!


And if it didn’t get handed to Trick or Treaters – give it away.


2. Have A Mini Workout.


Even if it’s only 2 mins, it’ll not only burn some cheeky EXTRA calories but it’ll also give enough time for your cravings to PASS.


They only last approx 2mins!


Burpees anyone?


3: Think Forward


If I see some sugary crap that I really want to eat (yes I’m human, it happens) but I know it’s definitely NOT going to take me closer to my goals…


I always ‘think forward’ and think about how I’ll FEEL after I eat it.


From the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick, how my belly will look, etc – even in my MIND that is usually enough to stop me.


4. Brush Your Teeth.


This may sound simple and perhaps a little crazy but you’ll be AMAZED how well this works.


Ever tried to eat a biscuit with minty fresh breathe?


Uuurgggh NO thanks.


5. Go Shopping and Stock Up on Healthy Foods


If you’ve got GOOD food in the cupboard you’ll eat good food, if you’ve got crap in the cupboard you’ll…(you catch my drift)


EAT crap = FEEL like crap


And eating healthy, tasty food is not only going to help BOOST your immune system and FIGHT off the lurgy.


It’ll also give you that much needed ENERGY.


Not to mention get you in the BEST shape possible for your festive social events.


If you need a little help with that then don’t miss out on my ‘Little Red Dress Special Offer’ and a massive £20 OFF a personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


If you’d like to LOSE weight and get lean while STILL eating all the foods you love this holidays – grab it QUICK!


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If you’re thinking it would be amazing to DROP a dress size and feel FABULOUS this festive season…


Now’s a good time to take ACTION.


ACTION = that different between thinking about something and MAKING it happen.


For a little more info and how to make it happen:



Lee ‘action woman’ Donald x



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